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Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Copper Pan (St Ives, Sydney)

There is a cafe in Gordon that piqued my interest last year and so far I have only managed to have a cup of coffee there. Why? Because it is constantly packed and I don't have the patience to wait for a table when I have a list of errands to get to on a Saturday. The place is called Pottery Green Bakers.

A few months ago when I was browsing their Facebook page, I noticed mention of a sister cafe opening up in St Ives. Well, before you know it, I was checking it out. This cafe nook is The Copper Pan. It is located on the first floor of St. Ives Shopping Village.

The cafe is decorated with lots of wood with heavy iron chairs. It has a different look to its sister. I really like the look of the dark tables and the stools have iron legs. They are quite solid and for some of them you have to lift them up in order to move the stool.

I decided to check out a few dishes over different visits. On my first visit I had French toast with cinnamon, banana and Canadian maple syrup. My drink that morning was the Strawberry smoothie. I liked the glass jug the smoothie was served in.

I loved it! The bread was fluffy and nicely balanced with the maple syrup. And the dish was nicely presented on a board.

On my second visit, I had the Baked eggs with spicy chorizo and olives in tomato served with baguette in their signature copper pan. What is it about baked eggs that call to me? I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. The bread was so fresh and had a lovely crust. I was literally smothering the bread in the tomato sauce and eggs. My drink for that day was the Mixberry smoothie.

By the way, their breakfast menu is an all day menu. So if you are wondering why I ordered breakfast dishes it was because I had the option to order breakfast at lunch! Yay!

On my third visit, I made the effort to order from the lunch menu. This time I deliberately chose a dish you wouldn't expect to find in a cafe which serves dishes like baked eggs. What did I choose? I had the Classic Vietnamese Pork "Banh Mi" Baguette. The owners, being Vietnamese in origin, have brought some of their culture to the menu. And my drink of the day was Passionfruit, Lemonade and Mint juice. Yum! Talk about thirst quenching!!

They have a counter full of lovely pastries but I haven't tried these out yet; they do look appetising.

The owners of this cafe is the Tran family and their first Pottery Green Bakers is in Lane Cove, which then expanded to Gordon. Their bakery is well established and known for their good bread and pastries. This accounts for the great bread I have had in my dishes at The Copper Pan!

Before I forget, it is cash only at The Copper Pan. So please come with some cash in your wallet/purse.

The Copper Pan on Urbanspoon
The Copper Pan
166 Mona Vale Road
St Ives Village
St Ives
NSW 2075
Facebook page: The Copper Pan

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Anonymous said...

I tried their Pho and Vietnamese pork roll at the Lane Cove Pottery Green - both good!

Cindy said...

Hi napolialert, I was hoping they would have Pho on their menu but not this one. I want to check out their Lane Cove branch soon. Thanks for your comment! :)

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Food looks lovely. I agree, there's something very comforting about baked eggs!

Cindy said...

Hi Helen, I do have a problem turning away from baked eggs! One of my food weakness!

Anonymous said...

For a second I thought those tarts were smiling at me :P

Cindy said...

Hello nessyeater, thanks so much for visiting! Lol! The tarts do look cute don't they? :).

Amy zhong said...

the baked eggs and desserts look good!

Cindy said...

Hi Amy, I had the baked eggs on a hot day in Sydney. It was about 36C but no regrets! A great dish and the bread was scrumptious! :)

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