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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Emma's Snack Bar (Enmore, Sydney)

A recent opportunity came up to check out the newly revamped Emma's Snack Bar. It used to be Emma's on Liberty and shut down for a while to undergo an interior and menu revamp. Since re-opening, there has been many positive reviews on social media.

I have always found eating Lebanese food to be very communal. It brings out the desire to order many dishes and share amongst the group. Emma's Snack Bar is such a place.

We booked for 6.30 and got there slightly early. At that time of the evening I would have anticipated it would have been half empty but I was wrong. It was quite full of people, mainly families with young children.

Here is a list of our feast!

Homous - a different spelling to what I was used to. But our focus was on the taste! Freshly cooked chick peas crushed with tahini, garlic and lemon. Yep, it definitely tasted good and we kept going for more with our pita bread.

Garlic dip - pure garlic dip blended with extra virgin oil. AF wanted to try this so we did! Not as garlicky as we anticipated, it had an interesting whipped texture.

Baba Ganouge - smoked eggplant on open fire with tahini. Oh boy! We could taste the smokiness and this was seriously so good. The smokiest baba ganouge I have ever had and it was yummy! Big thumbs up!

Fried Potato and Coriander - hand cut garlic potato and fresh coriander. Honestly didn't know what to expect but it surpassed all our expectations. Super crunchy roasted potatoes with delicious garlic and coriander potatoes. It was a surprise hit dish for the group.

We each had a kebab and this was where I struggled to get a decent photo of any of them, it was difficult to get a decent photo of the filling without unwrapping the pita wrap. Ultimately it is about the taste so forgive my rather shonky photos of the kebabs.

Crispy fish with pickle, fatouche and crispy chilli.

Chicken fillet - grilled chicken coated in a garlic coriander paste.

Kafta with homous, fatouche and pickle.

Organic Lamb and Egg with mint, pickle and garlic chilli.

In short we all enjoyed our kebabs. I ordered the organic lamb and egg and found the dish to be full of flavour and quite a handful! :)

Moorish Chicken - we ordered a plate of this to share around. It was chicken marinated in tangy spices grilled in Lebanese bread and shaved red onion. I loved this dish, beautifully smoky with delicate spices in the chicken. I wouldn't have minded having the whole dish to myself if I had any space left in my tummy.

Fries with garlic mayo - a last minute decision to add this dish turned out to be a good decision. The garlic mayo certainly made the fries a lot more interesting!

Some of us had dessert and we chose the following:

Chocolate Turkish delight - the boys' verdict was 'good'!

Pistachio Cream Baklava - EF said it was delicious.

Pistachio Halva Bouza - pistachio halva layered with vanilla ice cream. This was my dessert and I certainly enjoyed the pistachio halva. Nice grainy texture offsetting the cold ice cream. It was very summery in taste.

As we left another group of diners were waiting for their tables. Clearly Emma's Snack Bar is a hit! We thoroughly enjoyed our evening of communal eating too! :)

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Haven't been to Emma's in years but a revisit in definitely overdue! Love the sound of the revamped menu.

Cindy said...

Hi Helen. I think you will like it! Look forward to your review!