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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Leisurely Walk In A Beautiful Cove

This morning we went for a morning walk in one of the coves in the Queenstown area. There are so many scenic areas to hang around and spend time at, the choice is really quite limitless.

It was good that we had the opportunity to learn about the NZ fauna, some survival skills plus history about the region. All this we learnt from Peter Hitchman, who is renowned in the area for his extensive knowledge of the local fauna and survival skills. He is the owner and director of Guided Nature Walks and is a veritable walking encyclopaedia of local fauna. In addition, Peter has great wit and absolutely thrives on imparting his knowledge to the group. It was great having Peter spend time with us.

So here are some snippets of what I learnt from Peter. Bearing in mind that I missed quite a bit of time during the walk with Peter as I did drift off to take photos and soak in the wonderful landscape of the lake and cove.

Coffee Plant
Peter with a Lemonwood tree
Wild oregano
Coffee Plant - Beans
A kiln we saw during the walk

The water was beautifully green and I know my camera could not possibly do justice in capturing the beauty that I was viewing right in front of me. I felt so lucky and blessed to have had this opportunity to spend time in such a beautiful part of NZ.

Peter was kind enough to take group photos for us so here are the 2 taken from my camera.

By the way, as an FYI, Guided Nature Walks are the winners of the New Zealand Best Tour Operator - Domestic Category award in 2012.

Guided Nature Walks
Website: nzwalks.com

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