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Friday, 22 February 2013

Cardrona, A Walk And Lunch At Wanaka

It was another beautiful day as John (our bus driver) picked us up for a drive to the town of Wanaka. On the way, he took us through the Crown ranges up zig zag roads.

We stopped at a lookout to fully appreciate and take photos of the spectacular views. This is truly a beautiful country.

When we finally got to a point of being on flat roads again, we stopped at the tiny town of Cardrona. The Cardrona Hotel was our main point of hanging out for a cuppa, some had morning tea and we were mostly just enjoying their wonderful gardens located at the rear of the hotel. When you look at the hotel from the front, you would have no idea what is in store for you when you walk in.

There is so much history in this place. Fascinating stuff!

We eventually moved on and arrived at Wanaka. Our agenda was to take a walk around the lake and enjoy some truly spectacular and amazing landscape. As we walked along the path I tried as hard to capture the layers of cloud, blue waters, mountain ranges and hills as a landscape of the wondrous area. I don't feel I have done the beauty any justice at all. It is hard not to fall in love with the physical beauty all around us. I hope I never take any of it for granted.

Without going into a lot of details, I will say that the walk around the lake was an adventure for all of us. It was an adventure that none of us will ever forget!

Lunch was in town at a restaurant called The Landing.  The restaurant was situated in a very good location, very scenic views from the dining area.

We had Fish and chips, with mashed peas (or should I say smashed peas). The fish was blue cod and I throughly enjoyed my meal. The tartare sauce was really good and they were only too happy to bring us more of it when we requested.

The lunch finished off with some chocolate truffles, they were quite rich and dark. It would have gone perfectly with coffee. But we were running late for our next stop, so we all headed off for our next 'adventure'.

Here are a couple of very special photos:

Maeve, Kate and John!
The group photo at Lake Wanaka

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Edwina said...

Cindy those photographs of the landscape look like they are out of a book! Perfect.