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Friday, 19 April 2013

Fairfield Feast Food Tour - Part 2

I am now on part 2 of this fantastic tour in Fairfield. There were too many things to describe and talk about, so it made sense for me to break down the itinerary into 3 sections.

We had just finished our Filipino tasting feast and we were on our way to Al Dhiaffah when we took a detour and stopped by Al Jamil's grocery store. We met Mr Jamil who was such an affable man. He was delighted to see us and enthusiastically described the various delights provisioned in his store. I was fascinated by the variety of goods he had. He was also a very generous man and he kept piling us with his store's goodies, like lollies and canned drinks. How generous of him. I do wonder how he makes money if he is doling these gifts to his customers. Once again, I am reminded of the genuine warmth of the Fairfield locals.

Al Dhiaffah Al Iraqi

This is reputedly the first Iraqi restaurant in Sydney. We were there earlier than the normal lunch time hours so the restaurant was empty. But when I passed by later on, I could see many more patrons dining at this place.

Hassan was congenial and rather shy. But boy was he generous! Plate after plate of authentic Iraqi food was served to us. We had lamb shanks served on a bed of what looked like noodles but more likely to be rice. There was a platter of meat which were beautiful cooked ( lamb, beef and chicken). There was of course the bread, white beans stew, okra stew, and pickled cucumber.

We were all enjoying the food. As an aside, here's a funny little story; Simon of Simon Food Favourites, initially asked at the Filipino place if that was lunch. I said no, it was just a tasting. Then at Al Dhiaffah, he asked again if this was lunch. Again I said no but I couldn't help laughing. It started to become an in-group joke. I can understand why Simon kept asking the question. These restaurateurs were incredibly generous with the number of servings they were doling out.

Al Dhiaffah Al Iraqi
13 The Crescent
NSW 2165
Tel: +612 9755 0870

Frank's Restaurant
By the time we arrived here, I was starting to feel very full. How can you not be after the great food we had been having for the past 3 hours. We got to Frank's and what do we see through the windows? Rows and rows of deliciously succulent roast chicken. Oh dear, here we go again! ;-)

We met Theresa and Frank who was describing in detail the different dips that was house made, their famous falafel made from lentils and of course their very famous charcoal chicken. By the way, the chicken eaten with the toum is to die for! FYI, toum is a Lebanese garlic sauce.

Lauren (Corridor Kitchen) was enjoying the chicken with the toum as much as I was.

Lee Tran (The Unbearable Lighness of Being Hungry) who doesn't eat meat was very happy to see the cauliflower dish and she did enjoy it!

I am definitely coming back for more. I must admit though that as I left the restaurant I could definitely smell the garlic on my breath. Definitely not the time to be kissing anyone. ;-)

And once again, Simon asked if this was lunch! Lol! By then even I was mentally asking that question. Oh yes! I was definitely heaving with all the delicious food.

Frank's Restaurant
16 Smart Street
NSW 2165
Tel: +612 9724 3000
Website: frankslebanesefood.com.au

We eventually adjourned to our real lunch destination (Part 3).

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Missy Piggy said...

But wait, there's more! I did love Frank's very much -- I want to go back there for sure. And I loved the grocery store...what a generous and happy guy.

thesuzchef said...

Now when I look back on that day I just cannot fathom the amount of food we consumed!!