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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

La Esquina (New York City)

This place is another of those that has a deceiving store front. It seriously looks so much like a corner tacos store (extremely unassuming and you wouldn't look at it twice) that you wouldn't know there is a seriously happening place right below it. It is very hard to get into La Esquina. It is so popular and famous celebrities frequent it so it doesn't need to market itself at all.

The only way Sami could secure a booking for us (after trying for weeks and weeks) is if we agreed to a fixed price as our group is considered large. After getting the group's agreement to it, Sami booked it and we are here.

This evening we are having what I would term as a late supper. Our evening started by attending a fantastic musical Kinky Boots (more on non food activities in later posts) and after that we headed here.

Their DJ was playing some great dance music. You couldn't help but want to sway to it! We had to wait a while for our table but as we were waiting I surreptitiously tried to see if I could see any famous faces. It was a little hard to do so when the place was so dark. Note to all: every restaurant we have been to and will go to in this trip is dark, dark, dark! Alas, tonight there were no famous celebrities. I have been told that Madonna and John Mayer likes to frequent this place.

We finally got our table and besides the many margaritas ordered by some of the ladies, here is what we had. An absolute feast!

Ensalada de la Casa - a salad of baby greens, avocado, queso fresco, sesame seeds, tortilla strips with aged balsamic vinaigrette. The vinaigrette was beautifully aged and the tortilla strips provided the much needed crunchy texture. Yummy!

Cangrejo - Lump crabmeat with Mango and Chipotle Mayo

Ceviche - Fish with onion, serrano and cilantro

Bistec - Grilled marinated steak with charred onions and salsa roja

Pollo Rostizado - Citrus-rubbed organic rotisserie chicken with cilantro and salsa verde

Carne Asada con Chimichurri - Char-grilled sirloin with Chimichurri sauce

Camarones a la Plancha - Mayan shrimp with Garlic and cilantro marinade

Pollo Dominguero Traditionale - Traditional Sunday Organic Rotisserie Chicken

Ejotes - Grilled String Beans (sides)

Moros y Christianos - Black beans, queso fresco, white rice and pico de gallo (sides)

We finished with desserts of:
Chocolate cake with Creme Fraiche Ice Cream

Torreja Brulee - Warm bread pudding with Cajeta, Vanilla ice cream and brandied cherries

Creme Cocida with Stewed Mission Figs and Pumpkin Seed Brittle.

Before I talk about my opinion of the food, I would like to iterate that what I write about is based on my perspective. Not necessarily everyone in the group is of the same opinion as me. This is applicable for all the experiences that I have written or will write about concerning the group events.

Highlights: The salad was great, enjoyed the tostadas, the prawns were good and so was the rotisserie chicken. The desserts were standouts, every one of them!

Unfortunately by the time desserts arrived, it really was quite late and half the group had left feeling completely knackered and by then they were not really into the mood for desserts. But the other half persevered and we did reap the rewards.

Do I regret dining at La Esquina? Definitely not! This is a great place, packed to the brim and the food was good. An earlier time for dinner would have been better but we did have the musical to see first. But definitely a place for one to check out (if you can get in!).

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La Esquina
114 Kenmare Street
New York
NY 10012
Website: esquinanyc.com

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