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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Arisun (Chinatown, Sydney)

The project team were in town and we wanted to organise a nice and relaxing dinner as a thank you to the team for the tremendous long hours and hard work they had put in the past few months. After to-ing and fro-ing, we decided on firstly Korean fried chicken. Then we had to decide which restaurant, it was a pick between NaruOne and Arisun. This time Arisun won because of two reasons.

An open deck area and kegs of beer! The group consisting mainly of men would definitely warm to the beer! Get the pun? :)

What did we order? Here goes!

Spicy seafood on sizzling hot plate

Bibimbap (3 bowls mind you !)

Wasabi beef

Original fried chicken

Fried chicken with soy sauce

Kimchi (we didn't order this specifically but it was served upfront right after we placed our order)

Beer, beer and more beer

My favourites were the Wasabi beef which was tender and full of flavour. The bibimbap was delicious with the kimchi and Korean hot pepper paste. Without these the dish would have tasted flat but when these come into the picture, there was a nice lift of spice and flavour.

And of the two fried chicken, the one with soy sauce was the definite winner. Crunchy, slightly salty, slightly sweet. One thing I noted was the bountiful pieces of chicken. Great when you have large numbers dining together.

And the beer, let's just say there were no grumblings from the team. A novel idea to have the portable keg sit at the table and we pour out how much we want to when we want to until it was empty. And refillable too!

It was a nice and relaxing evening!

Arisun on Urbanspoon
Arisun Restaurant
35/1, Dixon Street
NSW 2000
Facebook: Arisun

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chocolatesuze said...

hehe the kegs of beer are definitely a delicious novelty!

Cindy said...

Hi chocolatesuze! These blue kegs were definitely eye catching!

Unknown said...

mmm love the fried chicken from arisun - always a winner!

Down To Feed [DTF] said...

Love Arisun! the fried chicken and the beer kegs are epic! :)

Cindy said...

Hi Shanshan, agree! They definitely have the fried chicken down pat! Thanks for visiting and posting a comment! :)

Cindy said...

Hi Down To Feed, thanks for posting your comment! The guys loved the beer and food so much that they are going back again this week! Hehe!

Anonymous said...

Wow looks like Arisun has opens its doors again! Glad they have more seating. I have yet to order the KEGS of BEER. Thanks for the suggestion :P

Cindy said...

Hi nessyeater, no problem! Thanks for visiting! :)