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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Chez Dre (South Melbourne, Melbourne)

Recently while I was in Melbourne, I had the opportunity to meet up with my friend AK for lunch and a couple of my work mates joined us. I had not been to Chez Dre before but having heard about it I obviously did some research on the web. What perked my interest were the cakes and macarons!

It was a lovely cafe tucked away in a quiet lane off Clarendon Street. And as it was a lovely sunny afternoon we sat outside basking in the sunny warmth. I love that it had an al fresco area.

We had the following:

Croque Monsieur - smoked ham, emmental cheese grilled sandwich with bechamel sauce. MC said it was lovely!

Braised mushroom ragu - Swiss, field and button mushrooms served on a bed of soft Parmesan polenta, poached egg and a drizzle of truffle oil. Gee it looked good and AK said it was delicious!

Poached chicken baguette - with mayonnaise, seeded mustard, rocket and celery. DD said it had a nice flavour and was not unhappy with it.

Duck Sandwich - confit pulled duck, onion jam, red cabbage, grated apple, and truffle mayonnaise. This was my dish and boy was it a large serving! I couldn't get over how big the sandwich was. I liked that it was a different type of sandwich and the duck meat was tender and the onion jam did lift the flavours. Believe it or not, I actually finished the sandwich. :)

I was determined to try out one of their pretty looking cakes. How could I not? I even managed to convince my lunch companions to have something sweet too and they ordered the Rose - Raspberry macaron each. They looked pretty in pink!

I had to have the Green Tea, Kalamanzi, and Muscovado Sugar petite cake. It looked absolutely beautiful, too lovely to break into and destroy. But I did it anyway! :) It was a lovely mousse like cake with some gorgeously tempered chocolate. I definitely did not feel like a glutton eating this lovely light cake!

And the coffee here was pretty good too!

I really liked Chez Dre. Lovely atmosphere, good food and good pastries and cakes! What more would you want?

Chez Dré on Urbanspoon
Chez Dre
285-287 Coventry Street
South Melbourne
VIC 3205
Facebook: chezdre

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

I didn't get here on my last trip to Melbs but definitely bookmarking it for the next visit!

Cindy said...

Hi Helen, when you do get to visit the next time you are in Melbourne I look forward to your post!

Amy zhong said...

the Braised mushroom ragu and cakes look great! must bookmark for next trip!

Cindy said...

Hello Amy, the cakes do look very tempting, don't they?

Ramen Raff said...

I really wanted to go here on my last melb trip! Macarons look and sounds lovely. Oooh! Duck sandwich sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

I am loving the pastry display, so colourful :D

chocolatesuze said...

how did you resist all those fantastic looking pastries! i want one of each please!

Cindy said...

Reply to Ramen Raff: the macarons do look really colourful! Thanks for visiting!

Reply to nessyeater: the more I look at the pastries the more tempting they look! Hehe!

Reply to chocolatesuze: I know! I don't know how I did it. But I so want some now! :)