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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sugarcane Restaurant (Surry Hills, Sydney)

Sugarcane has been in the food scene for a while now but I think since it recently went through a revamp of their menu and a fresh interior look, it has picked up interest in the Sydney food scene.

Recently I had an opportunity to check it out one Saturday night. It was a rather chilly night actually but quite warm in the restaurant. We were seated at one of the long communal tables.

Sugarcane is one of those restaurants with 2 seatings and since we had to vacate by 8.00 I decided to take the 6.00 pm option. KL and I had already checked the menu online so we had an idea of what we wanted.

The food came out thick and fast!

Sydney rock oyster with Sugarcane dressing - a few hmmm's from my table indicated these were good. I am not an oyster person so I skipped this one.

Prawn, rice cake and caramelised sugar cane. This piece of appetiser stood alone on its own as I was the only one who ordered it. I popped the whole thing in my mouth and was greeted with an explosion of flavours! Completely surprised but delighted by the tart and sweet flavours and the crunchy texture of the rice cake was spot on! I now wish I had ordered more of these! Super delicious!!!!
Sorry - not a great shot! :(
Crispy tortilla, crab, green apple, coconut and lime. Light, fresh and tangy flavours with a delightfully crispy tortilla.

Fried eggs, black vinegar and caramel. Better known as son-in-law eggs, these were so addictive. The egg was gooey on the inside and the black vinegar and caramel sauce was oh so deliciously sweet and slightly sharp. The sauce perfectly complemented the egg. Yum!

Pad Thai with a serve of chicken. Now, I thought we were going to get the normal chicken that comes with Pad Thai. You know, the chicken breast slivers we typically get when we order Pad Thai with chicken. Boy was I wrong! These were twice cooked chicken and came fried! There was a delicious caramelisation to the chicken which brought a nice complexity to an otherwise standard pad Thai. I liked the fact the bean sprouts were not fried and were fresh and still crunchy.

Crispy chicken with blood plum. After reading so many blog posts about this dish, this was my must have dish. Loved it and ST was loving it too! Finished it all. Crunchy chicken with a sweet plum sauce is a winner!

Milly Hill lamb rib with chilli jam and basil was also a hit. The tender lamb ribs with a sticky sweet and savoury sauce was another winner.

Duck massaman was another rather good dish. The potatoes were perfectly cooked and the duck meat was tender and not dried out. The massaman was a yummy sauce that went well with the steamed rice.

After all that, we decided not to have any dessert. But I will say that we finished all our dishes and thoroughly enjoyed every thing. I was surprised at how much flavour there was to all the dishes.
I liked the hanging Thai silk bags - nice touch!
I would certainly recommend this restaurant to anyone who has an inkling for Asian food.

Sugarcane on Urbanspoon
Sugarcane Restaurant
40A Reservoir Street
Surry Hills
NSW 2010
Website: sugarcanerestaurant.com.au/

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chocolatesuze said...

i love blood plum so that crispy chicken sounds awesome!

Cindy said...

Hi chocolatesuze, it went so well with the boiled rice! Yum!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

The lamb rib sounds amazing! Visited here a while ago - great to see they're still going strong.

Cindy said...

Hello Helen, I think they have taken a turn for the better since the revamp!

Olivia @ mademoiselleinsydney said...

Oh! This is a restaurant I walked past couple of times and always wanted to try… but had either: already eaten/or it was 4pm (so wasn't opened!)
That crispy tortilla looks delicious (reminds me of the other day when I tried cooking soft tortilla and they turned out to be crackers in the end!! haha) :)

Cindy said...

Hello Olivia! Thanks for visiting! Hehe, you should try it out. I think you will like the food. Those tortillas were super crunchy, I am sure yours were nice too! :)