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Food is one of my many joys in life. It is a common bond I share among my friends and family. Combining food and travel makes it all the more interesting. I enjoy going out for a good meal with friends and family. The array of various cuisines and our fantastic array of produce really makes Sydney such a great city to live in. Blogging is my hobby and my posts on restaurant meals I have had are paid for and not gratis. Any gratis provided to me will always be stated beforehand.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Mexico Food and Liquor (DD's 30th celebrations)

Finally, I get some breathing space to blog this post! It's been another rather hectic week at work and I have been champing at the bits trying to find some time to post about my recent fun time at Mexico Food and Liquor (or better known to me as just Mexico).

My good friend DD was kind enough to invite me to join his 30th birthday party celebrations and he chose Mexico, which is a stone's throw away from Central Station.

Warren Turnbull has done it again! What was previously District Dining has become the hot spot now known as Mexico. As you enter the premises, there are murals reflective of Frida Kahlo and many iconic artefacts reflecting the Mexican theme.

If I didn't know any better, I really could imagine being in Mexico. I won't describe the artefacts, I think the pictures speak a thousand words!

There were 16 of us attending the event. Lovely to meet so many of DD's old school mates who were seated at my end of the long communal table, quite an interesting bunch actually.

So what did we have for dinner? Well, as there were so many of us, we had the banquet menu. Wow! What a spread, there were so many dishes and all in all, we paid a very, very reasonable price. It was the alcoholic beverages that kept the price up, not the actual food.

So here goes:
Snacks - house made corn chips with pickled vegetables, Pumpkin, white bean and agave dip served with tortillas, and Crispy potatoes tossed in celery lime salt with tomatillo dressing.
Corn chips 
Pumpkin dip with tortillas
Pickled vegetables
Potatoes with tomatillo dressing

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Restaurant Arras

To celebrate SH's birthday this year, we decided on dining at Restaurant Arras. The restaurant relocated to the old Becasse site on Clarence street in the city in late 2011.

I liked what was done to the restaurant, there was a lightness and brightness to the room which was a stark contrast to the heavy wood interior that was of the then Becasse.

Arras is well known for its range of interesting petit fours and I really wanted to see them and try them out. But the petit fours are only included in their degustation menu. We looked at the menu options and decided to go for the 3 course menu instead. But when we were ordering we asked if we could have the petit fours at coffee time and they kindly said yes!

Service started with canapés of sweet corn and potato and house cured beef with paprika. The sweetness of the corn was intended to offset the saltiness of the cured beef. The beef reminded me of the textures and flavours of beef jerky. I definitely liked the sweet corn and potato, I could have had more of it. The canapé was presented in a glass with delicate edible flowers. Lovely!
The amuse bouche was Tuna la nicoise, it was light and refreshing, very summery.
Amuse bouche
My first course was quail with fried bread and blood plum. SH had the roast skate with parsnip, raisins, capers and butter. We both enjoyed our dishes. I was fascinated with the crunchy tendrils on my dish.
Quail with blood plum
Roast skate with parsnip

Saturday, 12 January 2013

New Year's Eve 2013

Happy New Year everyone! Without meaning to do so, I took a short break from blogging. But it's all systems go now.

So my first post of the year is to do catch up on what I was up to on New Year' Eve. I spent it having a lovely dinner at CW's. I didn't know what to expect for dinner as I forgot to ask when I was initially invited. All I knew was I would be bringing the cheese plate and my dessert contribution was the mango pudding.

Lo and behold I was delightfully surprised that we were going to have an American style dinner, Southern style to be more precise!

We started the evening by hanging out in the courtyard, catching the cool breeze, enjoying some cheese and a beautiful jug of ginger beer cocktail. Very refreshing on a hot summer's day.

Then we sat down for our meal. Yippee! We had coleslaw, mash potato with gravy, buns, and Buttermilk fried chicken. Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!!