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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Parlour Burger (Sydney CBD)

Sean Connolly of Morrison Bar and Oyster has opened a brand new burger joint called Parlour Burger. It is located right next door to the Morrison Bar and Oyster Room.

Not only has ramen joints been opening like hot cakes, so it seems burger joints have been too.

To launch its opening on the 25th of November they had a free burger day. 500 free burgers for lunch and 500 for dinner. Apparently there were long queues on opening day to get the freebies.

I spontaneously decided to check it out for a Friday lunch and went down there with some of my work colleagues. It was literally standing room only and as there were 5 of us and we couldn't get a table large enough for all of us, we decided to get take away instead.

After some considerable time waiting for them to get our orders right, we eventually received all that we had ordered and quickly returned to our office for a chow down.

What did we have?

Black Widow burger with a charcoal bun, ground beef and extra hot sauce.

The Original Morrison burger with chipotle mayo.

Chicken quinoa with Caesar dressing. I didn't taste the Chicken Quinoa but my work mate's verdict was it was quite tasty.

There were sides of Duck fat chips, beer battered onion rings, and deep fried pickles. I was surprised by the crunchiness of the deep fried pickles. Lovely texture. And the onion rings were good too.

When we ordered the burgers we were warned the meat would be cooked medium rare and there would be some pinkness. I decided to stay with the norm as I would typically have a piece of steak medium rare anyway. But we did have a choice to have the meat less pink but was warned it would dry out the meat. I thought I would mention this as there have been online comments that the burgers were way too pink.

I was very surprised at how delicious the Black Widow was. The burger was soft and had a subtle sweet taste and somehow this actually brought flavour to the beef. The extra hot sauce gave the burger a nice kick.

After some research on the internet, I discovered the bun is a charcoal brioche bun made of vegetable carbon. And on top of that it is activated charcoal that is used, apparently there are health benefits but I couldn't find anything on the world wide web clearly listing the health benefits. Now this may be off putting to many people, even to me. But I thought I should try it out and it really was quite delicious.

My work mate TJ and I shared our burgers so I had half the Black Widow just so I could try out the Original Morrison. Frankly I was disappointed with the Original. It did taste quite flat.

By the way, did I forget to mention the burgers are $10 a pop?

All in all we were generally satisfied with our meal. The only hiccup was the stuff up to our orders but we got there eventually.

Were these the best burgers in town? Definitely not.

Parlour Burger on Urbanspoon
Parlour Burger
225 George Street
NSW 2000
Website: themorrison.com.au/parlourburger

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

I remember having a charcoal bun from Bread Top once because I was so intrigued. I'd probably give the Black Widow a go too!

Cindy said...

Hi Helen, if you do get a chance to try the Black Widow, I would be interested to read your review!

Chloe L said...

Mmmm loving that golden colour on the onion rings and fried pickles!

Cindy said...

Thanks for visiting Chloe! :)