Sunday, 19 October 2014

Papparich Parramatta (Parramatta, Sydney)

As most of you would know, Papparich is a chain of Malaysian food outlets around Australia and Asia Pacific. The first venue I dined at was the Chatswood branch which was their first restaurant in Sydney. Till today, I think there are queues just to get a table. And that opened over a year ago.

Recently, they opened in Parramatta and the food blogger in me had to check it out. On my first visit I met up with Mel from The Adventures of Miss Piggy and her husband Dave. It was nice catching up with Mel after such a long time and as usual we were busy taking pics of our dishes before we took a single bite.

Deep fried chicken skin - we had to order this, especially since I had yet to try this wonderfully crispy, addictive dish. Yum! I couldn't stop popping one in my mouth every few minutes. Dangerous!!

Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang - a very popular dish which was ordered by Mel and Dave. Turns out this is one of their favourite dishes to order when at Papparich!

Biryani Rice With Red Chicken and Sambal Prawns - this is one of my favourite dishes to order and it did not disappoint. I do like the flavours of the Biryani rice which was infused with various spices like onions, cardamom and cloves. It makes this rice so much more interesting and full of flavour. The red chicken had a slightly sweet yet slightly spicy flavour. And all this served with a rather large pappadum.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Bowery Lane (Sydney CBD)

Bowery Lane opened not too long ago and conveniently for me, it is located a couple of blocks from my office. This lack of distance made it so easy for me to have a mid week dinner with my friends in celebration of one of their birthdays.

It is located in an office building and as we arrived just at 6.00 pm the main entrance to the restaurant was not open so we went up the stairs and entered via the side entrance. As a result of that, I got a glimpse of the kitchen.

As you can imagine, I would have pored over the online menu and as it was, there were so many dishes I wanted to try. Decisions, decisions!

We started by sharing a couple of snack size dishes.

Char grilled lamb ribs with chimichurri and rocket. The lamb was tender and went very well with the chimichurri.

Manchego croquettes with smoked chilli aioli. The croquettes were delicious, not overwhelmingly cheesy but made more interesting with the chilli kick from the aioli. A nice surprise!

We decided to share the 1 kg braised Wagyu short rib which was served with horse radish cream and roasted garlic. I don't think my picture does justice to how beautiful this meat was. It was literally 'fall of the bone' tender and packed with flavour. I didn't need any sauce or cream with the meat. DELICIOUS!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Maslow's Cafe (Pymble, Sydney)

What is it about a new cafe that attracts my attention? The 2 key factors for me are the location and the menu. When I say location, I mean can I easily get to the venue? Good reviews and great pics on Instagram help too! :)

Broadsheet Sydney recently published an article about a new cafe in Pymble. It caught my eye and I made plans to check it out over a few visits.

I loved the hip look of this cafe. It is located in a garage which has been renovated to fit in a small open kitchen with some tables and a bar with high stools. The decor is slightly grunge like. How cool, and how very unPymble! More towards Surry Hills actually! :)

On my first visit, I had breakfast. My choice was The Little Soldier - 62 degree egg, asparagus and soldier toasts. The egg was perfectly cooked and the asparagus was nicely blanched and had a lovely bite. For my personal taste, I would have liked a sprinkle of salt but taste wise it was quite delicious. Loved the egg oozing all over the toasts. And I liked the plating.

The coffee of choice at Maslow's is Seven Seeds and I had a skim cappuccino to kick off my day. I found it slightly weak on my first visit but on my next visit, it was a stronger brew and sat much better with me.

On my second visit, I came at lunch time and ordered Mr Pig. Yes, you read right, "Mr Pig"! This was Braised pork, 62 degree egg, and baby salad served in a brioche bun. There was a dash of chilli sauce which gave the dish a slight kick. Sorry, I couldn't get a decent shot of the braised pork but just imagine slices of pork nestled under the egg. :)

Let me start by saying I tried to be lady like and used my cutlery. That was a huge failure on my part as the wonderfully dense brioche did not take to the knife. So I resorted to using my hands and eating it like I would a burger and it got all yummily messy!! The pork was tender and delicious, the egg was once again oozing all over the bun but it was such fun eating this way. I absolutely loved the texture of the  Sonoma brioche!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Badmanner Thymes Espresso

Parramatta is certainly upping the cafe scene with new cafes opening up thick and fast. One of which is Badmanner Thymes Espresso. I know not why it has an unusual name but I have made a note to ask the owners one day!

Badmanner recently started opening on Saturdays. Thank goodness or I would not have had a chance to check it out!

It is a rather small cafe space wise but they managed to add a lot of personality to the decor. A sofa resides against one wall, with a guitar to the side and some Art Deco posters add to the feeling of hipster.

On our almost noon visit, we ordered a combination of breakfast and lunch dishes.

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon, Spinach, topped with home made hollandaise sauce on sourdough bread. The dish looked 'eggsmazing'!! Sorry, I had to make that one up! I had a bite to try and there was a nice combination of flavours.

Beef Bulgogi roll with marinated thin slices of oyster blade beef, pickled white radish, Spanish onions, sweet potato chips and spinach with home made wasabi aioli and served in a wholemeal soft roll. My first thought when it was presented to me was how on earth am I going to it this humongous roll?!?!? And it even came with cutlery and there was no way I was going to be polite while downing this delicious roll!

Tender, juicy beef with sweet slices of onions. The offsetting texture of the slight crunch of the sweet potato chips amidst all that beef was good. I personally would have liked the sweet potato chips to be even crunchier.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Cafe Lyon (Lindfield, Sydney)

A couple of weeks ago my close friends organised a birthday dinner catch up and it ended up being French themed. This time it was at Cafe Lyon located in the north shore in Lindfield.

When you read this post, you will notice that I have 2 back to back French dinners posted. Lol! Not planned this way, but sometimes these things happen. :)

Cafe Lyon had a nice French feel to their decor. Touches of Paris could be seen in carafes placed around various shelves and posters which were French themed.

We were seated at the first floor and I was thankful for the great lighting. Food bloggers paradise! Yay!

We decided to go for the 3 course menu which was priced at $65 for 3 courses. Pretty good value I say!

Our entrees were:

Zucchini Flowers, French Goats Cheese, Baby Artichoke & Salted Walnut Salad. The verdict from my friend was it was delicious.

Crispy Pork Belly, Boudin Noir, Wilted Spinach & Lentils De Puy. Two of us had this entree and the pork belly was truly crispy with the delicious crackling. The addition of the lentils did bring a rather interesting element to the dish. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our mains were:

Ocean Trout, French Onion Purée, Petit Pois a la Francais, Bacon and Champagne Velouté. The trout looked deliciously crispy and I was told it was delicious.