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Monday, 16 May 2011

Strand Arcade, Sydney

I spent another day in the city and this time I want to talk about The Strand Arcade. When I do get a chance to spend a Saturday in the city there are a few places I like to browse in. One of these places is the Strand Arcade. This arcade is located right in the middle of the CBD area of Sydney and what a beautiful building. I love strolling through the arcade and the architecture is beautiful.

Dymocks is located a couple doors away from the arcade and this is another store that is a must visit for me. Here is a picture of the front end of Dymocks, two floors of books to browse. Love it!

Haighs is a famous Australian chocolate company with a store located in the Strand. Lovely store with lots of visitors every time I drop by. My favourite chocolate from them is Berry Chocs - yummy! They are strawberries and raspberries coated in either milk chocolate or dark chocolate. They are so addictive that the next thing I know I have consumed about 10 balls of chocolates in 3 minutes!! 

There is a store called Sweet Infinity and their window display shows amazing looking cakes. I could not resist temptation so I bought a slice for a late evening dessert. They called this cake 'Cake Financier with fruits'. Looks delicious and tastes sinfully good. I have to go back and try other varieties. I also bought a small box of their brownies, very nice too.....at the rate I am going I am going to put on the kilos!

Cake Financier

The Strand Arcade was built and established in 1891. There are some really up market stores located here but I thought I would touch on the two related to food, i.e. Sweet Infinity and Haighs. There are lots of designer clothes shops and some really, really nice jewellery stores too. If you are ever in Sydney town be sure to visit this historical and beautiful building.

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