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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Brendan Dewar Patisserie - Take 2

Okay, I am back at Brendan Dewar Patisserie in St Ives. This time it was to pick up a White Chocolate Cheesecake I had pre-ordered for a double birthday celebration.

Brendan Dewar himself!
A few days before the pick up, when I placed the order over the phone, Brendan was the one who took my order. After I identified who I was speaking to, I expressed my desire to meet him.

When I arrived, I asked to speak to Brendan. It was lovely to finally meet him. I expressed my thanks to him as someone from his patisserie had put my initial blog post link  (Brendan Dewar Patisserie May 2012) on the Brendan Dewar Patisserie Facebook page back in June this year. My first post was in May and I started to notice how popular the post was. After a bit of googling, I finally figured out that the source of most of the traffic was from their Facebook page. I was chuffed!

In addition to picking up the cake, I decided to get the following for my lovely family:

'Big M' - it looks so like a Big Mac! Good enough to eat!!!

Big M
'Coconut dome cake' - quite an unusual looking cake and looks tempting!

The dome cake
'Strawberry and Rhubarb almond sponge cake' - it looks so pretty and luscious!

Strawberry and rhubarb almond sponge cake
'This is not sardine' - the creme caramel in a tin can is so cute, so off tangent to what a dessert would normally be presented in and so eye catching because it was not the norm! On top of that, deliciously smooth and creamy!!! This one I kept for myself!

This is not sardine!
The two young ladies serving at the counter were nice and friendly. Susannah and Jen agreed to pose for a photo, which was nice. It is a busy little store, while I was there for approximately 20 minutes at least 5 to 6 other people walked in and bought desserts!!!

Verdict on the White chocolate cake - truly DELICIOUS!!!! It was a hit at the lunch table!

White chocolate cake!
Thank you Brendan, it was a pleasure to meet you. Your patisserie is a treasure trove of beautiful pastries and cakes!!!! Love your work and I will be back!!!

Brendan Dewar Patisserie on Urbanspoon

Brendan Dewar Patisserie
Shop 119/166 Mona Vale Road
St Ives Village Shopping Centre (Level 1)
Tel: 02 9144 5768
Website: brendandewarpatisserie.com.au

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