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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Oki Oki

Sometimes when a friend wants to meet up in a suburb that I am not too familiar with, I start scrambling for ideas on where to meet for a meal. I also take it as an opportunity to check out local treasures and blog about them. Such fun, oh such fun!!!!

Well, this time it was to meet for lunch in Hornsby. The only thing I know about in Hornsby is the Westfield Shopping Centre. So I 'googled' and found a Japanese restaurant which caught my interest. It is called Oki Oki.

What a lovely find. It is located right across from the Hornsby Railway Station, a block away from the railway entrance. I met my friend LG at Westfield and we took a walk to Oki Oki.

We were both pleasantly surprised at the food. There was a very good range of Japanese food on the menu and I found it difficult to choose as there were so many dishes I wanted to try out!

So we settled with:

A small set of sashimi which had 12 pieces of a variety of fish. There was salmon, tuna, kingfish and another fish I failed to identify. It was fresh, light and just delicious!

Lunch box with spicy BBQ fish. The lunch box included a main, rice, miso soup, salad, deep fried spring rolls and dumpling, and sushi rolls.

Lunch box with chicken karaage.

I had the one with the chicken karaage and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. The chicken was tender and the spring rolls and dumpling was seriously good! LG totally enjoyed her lunch and was delighted with how good her fish was and also loved the spring rolls and dumpling. I had a taste of the fish and it had lovely spiced kick and there were loads of flavour.

This is a lovely suburban Japanese restaurant, with good food and a meal that won't blow the budget. I also like the fact that we could have a lovely meal in a rather quiet surrounds and be able to have a nice catch up conversation and actually be able to hear each other.

I recommend it to anyone who is willing to drop by Hornsby and even the locals, if you don't know about it yet, you should check it out!!!!

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Oki Oki
12 Coronation Street
NSW 2077
Tel: 02 9476 6900

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