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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Dinner at Via Napoli Pizzeria ( Lane Cove, Sydney)

What a night to pick for dining out!! It was wet, cold and windy but my friends and I still met up.
It was bucketing!
I had been itching to check out Via Napoli for a while now. Even since I heard about their metre long pizzas! On top of that after seeing thesuzchef's IG photos of their pizza earlier this year, I was salivating. And to add more salt to the wound, the recent Time Out magazine's special on pizzas voted Via Napoli as the number pizza place in Sydney.

That was it! I had to go check it out!!!! The blah weather was an absolute dampener but not enough to deter me.

I couldn't believe how popular the place was. Packed to the rafters! So much so we were relegated to the back of the building. An annex that was only accessible outdoors. Out came the umbrellas!

Our meal consisted of shared plates of:

Prosciutto E Bufala - Prosciutto Parma with Buffalo Mozzarella. I had been eyeballing this dish since I perused their menu a few days ago and it was delicious. The mozzarella was so fresh and had a great texture and the prosciutto was full of flavour. I have yet to find a local prosciutto that can match to those I had in Italy but this one was pretty good!

Grilled prawns with rocket salad. This was one of the specials of the day and the prawns were beautifully cooked. They were succulent and had a lovely smoky taste from the grill. More please!!

1/2 metre long pizza with Margherita on one side and the other side had Salsicce E Friarelli. The pizza was topped with Italian sausages and brocolli and the bitterness of the brocolli was a perfect match to the meatiness of the sausages. I really liked this combination. My friends preferred the Margherita but I preferred this slightly off the centre pizza.

Plus I felt encouraged to try it after reading grabyourfork's and thesuzchef's reviews of this pizza.

I did however find the pizza base slightly soggy but that did not deter me from enjoying the pizzas.

For desserts I did want to try their gelato. But there was none in the house that night. That was disappointing so I chose the Ricotta cake which was served with fresh cream. And TR chose the Tiramisu and he was enjoying it very much so! I quite enjoyed the ricotta cake, it was light and not overwhelmingly rich.

It started to get really noisy in the annex as the night wore on. There seemed to be a few tables of birthday celebrations. So much so we could hardly hear what each of us were saying. So we decided to leave. And as we left, we noticed there was still a short queue of people waiting for a table and this was around 8.45pm.

I am not sure I can honestly say they have the best pizzas in town but it is definitely a very popular place!

Via Napoli Pizzeria on Urbanspoon
Via Napoli Pizzeria
141 Longueville Road
Lane Cove
NSW 2066
Website: vianapolipizzeria.com.au

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Love the pizza here! A shame that your pizza base was a little soggy. Ours was deliciously crisp and fluffy.

Cindy said...

Hi Helen, I wish I was lucky enough with a crisp base but not this time. But not to worry, I still had a good evening out! :)