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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Governors Table (Sydney CBD)

The name of this restaurant intrigued me when I first saw pictures of its food on Instagram. After realising where it is located (at the Museum of Sydney) I had a better understanding of the principles of not only the name but the touches of Australian native herbs, floral and fauna throughout its menu and decor.

I loved the openness of the exterior connecting to the interior. How perfect it would be sitting there on a balmy evening looking out to the busy street from the inside.

When we were seated at our table, my friend, the lovely LA, asked the front of house how his day had been. I think it threw him to have a guest asked how he was as opposed to the other way round! I unwittingly proceeded to explain we were here to celebrate LA's birthday.

As we were perusing the menu, he served us 2 glasses of bubblies in celebration of her birthday (on the house!). What a lovely and generous surprise!

Confit salmon, blood orange curd, soy bean, tomato and roe. Wow! This dish was seriously good. The salmon was practically melting in my mouth and soft as butter. A beautiful blend of flavours with the salmon the star of the dish.

Spiced lamb ribs, binnorie feta, and pomegranate glaze. Tender, smoky ribs with delightfully crunchy pomegranates scattered through the dish.

Grilled king prawns, mojo verde, with black garlic aioli. Firstly, I would like to say that we did not order this dish. Once again our suave front of house presented us a free dish because of LA's birthday. We couldn't believe it, another generous gesture! Irrespective of whether we had paid for it or not, I found the prawns to be succulent, sweet, nicely grilled and the back garlic aioli had a slightly smokey yet sweet flavour. Very interesting combination.

Tiger prawn linguine, black garlic, citrus mascarpone, nasturtium, and chilli crumb. It was a light, fresh and subtly spiced pasta. Remember, we ordered this dish before we were served with the surprise king prawns. But in my opinion there is no such thing as too much prawns! :)

Cep scented pork, butternut squash, caramelised endive, and lavender jus. I could not get over how thick that piece of pork cutlet was! When I first saw it, I was sure it would turn out to be dry. Boy, was I wrong! Juicy, sweet, and offset with the slightly bitter endive. I liked it!

We also ordered a side of green beans, almond butter and chilli. Loved the crunchy almonds, such a good balance against the crunchy green beans!

And we forced ourselves to have desserts! :)

Lemon myrtle burnt custard, fresh berries and granita. A beautiful crack revealed a robust lemon custard. The berries added a gorgeous dimension to the dessert. So good!

Peanut parfait, olive oil cake, caramelised banana and peanut crisp. The parfait tasted so much like eating a bar of peanuts. It was smooth, peanut-ey yet icy. The remaining ingredients of the banana, olive oil cake and peanut crisp just enhanced the peanut theme. Yum!

We could have rolled out the door we were so full! What a lovely evening of generous gestures plus great company. I could not fault the quality and taste of the food. Great place and one I would heartily recommend!

Happy birthday LA! I am grateful to have you as a friend! :)

The Governor's Table on Urbanspoon
The Governors Table
Cnr Phillip and Bridge Street
NSW 2000
Website: www.thegovernorstable.com.au/our-venues/the-governors-table/home

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ChopinandMysaucepan said...

Dear Cindy,

Indeed very cluey and generous of the waiter to have taken care of you two so well. Happy birthday to LA but no poem in this blog post? :)

Cindy said...

Hello ChopinandMysaucepan, lol! No poem this time. I lack the poetic artistry and would put it to shame! Thanks for visiting! :)