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Thursday, 9 April 2015

LuMi Bar and Dining (Pyrmont, Sydney)

LuMi has been on my list since the first time I saw their food pics on Instagram back in Oct 2014. So far all I have read about the food has been positive reviews and I couldn't wait to dine there. Again it was for another good friend's birthday catch up but why not, eh? :)

This time it was for lunch on a Saturday and we were lucky the weather was in good form.

What a view from the restaurant!

Normally on Saturdays for lunch, there is the a la carte option or a 4 course degustation. However their website did say we could request for the 8 course degustation as long as we gave ample notice. I did! :)

We started with a tasting platter of Cheese tartlet and corn, Rice crisps with salt and vinegar, Cos lettuce with pistachio and horseradish, Potato and Rosemary Focaccia. The rice crisp was paper thin and almost melting in my mouth. And the focaccia was light and fluffy and superb!

And the Chawanmushi certainly played tricks on my mind. The dish looked Japanese but was full of Italian flavours with every mouthful. There was parmesan in the custard, tomato water with basil on top. Loved it!

White cucumber with apple and sour cream. Lovely presentation, clean flavours, crunchy textures and very summery in image and flavours.

Veal Tartare with tarragon, emulsion, roasted capsicum and buckwheat - I completely forgot to take a picture of this delightful dish! Aaargh! :( I loved the crunchy texture of the puffed buckwheat which offset so well against the smooth veal.

Spelt Ravioli with burnt butter, pumpkin, avruga, and chives. Their signature which didn't disappoint. I really liked the visual beauty of the ravioli. 

Spaghetti Alla Chitarra, with Orange beurre blanc, scampi and bottarga - the squid ink pasta was nicely al dente and I could taste bites of the sweet tasting scampi.

Beef Cheeks slow cooked with spinach and parsley puree and thinly sliced raw cauliflower. The beef was nicely tender but did not shine amidst all the other wonderful dishes.

We then moved on to desserts. "Evergreen" - a spectacularly green dessert of Sorrel sorbet, shiso gelatine, parsley salt, mint meringue and lemon basil granita. What a superb and sublime dish! I could have had another serving. The flavours reminded us of walking through a garden filled with lush green flora and fauna. What a visual image this produced!

Ginger ice cream with white chocolate, passionfruit and yoghurt crumble, topped with some lime zest. Delicate, tangy, summery and a lovely end to what was a very special meal.

And to top it off I met owner and head chef Federico Zanellato. He was such a humble man and I couldn't stop complimenting him on his food. I really like his food vision and only wish for bigger and better things for LuMi!

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LuMi Bar and Dining
56 Pirrama Road
NSW 2009


chocolatesuze said...

im dying to try the Spelt Ravioli!

Cindy said...

Hi chocolatesuze, looking forward to your review! :)

Joseph said...

All the food is so well presented! Interesting dishes too , I really must eat here one day soon!

Cindy said...

Hi Joseph, thank you for visiting and for your comment! Dining at LuMi was such a lovely experience, I hope you eat there soon! :)

ChopinandMysaucepan said...

Dear Cindy,

We have been here twice and glad to see the spelt ravioli, spag chitarra and evergreen are there tho they change the menu according to seasonal produce.

curtis03 Lewis said...

LuMi Bar and Dining looks like a fantastic place for eating out. Thanks for these reviews. I am looking for an equally great venue Houston TX as want to host my birthday party over there. Hoping to find a good venue soon!