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Sunday, 26 April 2015

KIN by us. (Macquarie Park, Sydney)

With social media so prevalent in society, a brand new cafe with delicious food can be so easily promoted via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It is the case for KIN by us., a very new cafe which opened in Macquarie Park, North Ryde a couple of months ago.

To add to the popularity of this cafe are ex MKR contestants Uel and Shannelle who seem like a lovely couple. Their TV presence has certainly helped with the publicity of their new food venture. And it has turned out to be a hit.

I visited over three occasions to try out the different dishes.

Waffle Belly - caramel soy pork belly, potato waffle, onsen egg, mushrooms and cabbage. This was my dish and I loved it! The pork belly was so tender and packed full of flavour. I don't believe I have had a potato waffle before and was surprised when I cut through it was soft, rather than the crunchy waffle I am normally used to. But I did like the texture and it went so well with the pork belly. And the egg, beautifully cooked by the way. Note that in almost every dish on the menu, there is an onsen egg on offer.

Snap, Crackle, Pop - chicken rice with crackle and onsen egg. The aroma of the rice when the dish was served had me slightly salivating. It was my friend's dish but I managed to get a bite. :) Nice flavours and I enjoyed the crunchy chicken skin crackle. Note to chef: More crackle please! :)

On another visit, I had the Kaya Toast which was homemade coconut jam on toast. I opted not to have the onsen egg. The Kaya had a lovely fragrance, however for $7 I would have liked a couple more half slices? Am I being greedy? Hehe!

Congee - chicken rice porridge, onsen egg, pork floss and Chinese doughnut. Now this dish did it for me. It was a wet, wet, wet morning and having this hearty, packed with flavour dish was not only comforting but very satisfying. The slices of cut chilli added a slight punch to the dish. I broke the Chinese doughnuts into pieces and slathered the pieces with congee. So good!

Submarine - soft shell crab with chilli and brioche. I picked this over the special of the day. The brioche was the star, soft, slightly sweet, toasty and a good size to soak up the chilli and crunchy crab.

Durian affogato - wow! The durian ice cream was very much 'in your face' with durian flavour! It was rich and creamy. When I poured the richly brewed coffee into the durian ice cream, I was surprised at how well both flavours worked. This is definitely one to try, but only if you like durian. Otherwise please stick to the vanilla affogato which got the thumbs up from my friend.

The special of the day on my last visit was intriguing, it was Bao Cheeka Wow Wow - beef cheek rendang, pickled veg, crispy bits with a steamed bun. It sounded delicious and one I want to try one day!

And their coffee was pretty good too, loved the serving which was very Oriental and the tiny piece of kuih bangkit served on the tea spoon. Nice touch!

I also liked the wide open feeling of the cafe and the decor with a throwback to Malaysia, Singapore and SE Asia. Yet, there was a grungy vibe and obviously a host of young Asians queuing up for a table. And the quirky names on the menu is so Gen Y! :)

I wish Uel and Shannelle all the very best. They have started so well and the food is delish! So please go and check it out!

KIN By Us on Urbanspoon
KIN by us.
2 Saunders Close
Macquarie Park
NSW 2113
Website: www.kinbyus.com/

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

The waffle belly sounds so good. Have heard so many people waxing lyrical about this place. Will have to queue, I mean, visit soon!

chocolatesuze said...

mmm dat chicken crackle!

Cindy said...

Hi Helen, hope you get to visit it soon!

Hi chocolatesuze, I wouldn't mind some of that crackle right now!