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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Cupcakes and More Cupcakes (New York City)

I think the cupcake craze started back when the TV show Sex and The City was the rage and in one of the episodes Magnolia Bakery was paid a visit by the characters of the show and cupcakes were consumed. Cupcakes have not looked back since then and neither has Magnolia Bakery.

But having consumed many cupcakes in many of the bakeries around Sydney, I have yet to really fall in love with any of their creations. Admittedly some have nicer flavours than others but nothing blew me away.

But I was in New York City and I couldn't help myself but check out some of the known bakeries around the Soho and Chelsea areas; admittedly Magnolia Bakery being one of them.

Little Cupcake Bakeshop

This bakery has 3 outlets in New York City. One of them is located on Prince Street in Nolita but it was originally established in Brooklyn in the year 2005.

The shop is small but oh so cute. I liked the little corner shop look and the cupcakes looked so pretty. We visited the bakery on Day 1 of our morning walk and most of the group walked in to have a look. A couple of the ladies decided to share a cupcake and I think they bought a Blue Velvet Cupcake. I refrained from buying as I was intending to have a hamburger for lunch that day. So that morning I didm't actually get a taste of anything from the Little Cupcake Bakeshop.
The Blue Velvets are at the bottom shelf
As we were leaving the bakery, one of the ladies' cupcake fell to the floor with a plomp! Oh dear, she didn't even get a chance to taste the cake. Poor A! But Sami quickly picked up the remnants in a napkin and returned to the counter and they kindly substituted the dropped cake with a brand new one. How kind and cool is that?!?!?

But there is a postscript to this. On my last night as I was in my hotel room packing away, S dropped by and presented me with an early birthday present (mine is not until August). How so sweet of S and so very thoughtful. I was given a Red Velvet Cupcake from Little Cupcake Bakeshop. Sorry but I forgot to take a photo but the memory of this wonderfully sweet moment is with me forever. It was a delicious version and way better than any of the versions I have had in Sydney.

Little Cupcake Bakeshop on Urbanspoon

Little Cupcake Bakeshop
30 Prince Street
New York
NY 10012
Website: littlecupcakebakeshop.com

Magnolia Bakery

How could I not visit this very famous bakery? On the morning we were walking around the Chelsea area, the group stopped by Magnolia Bakery. It was tiny but filled with people. A tiny queue was building up in the bakery and I couldn't help myself but take photos of their special Dexter cupcakes. Very well decorated, don't you think so?

As one of the staff was laying out fresh batches of cupcakes on the window stands, I curiously asked her what was the average number of cupcakes baked on a daily basis. She replied between 1000 to 2000 cupcakes every day. Wow! That is a lot of cupcakes!

By the way, the cupcakes displayed on the trays near the windows are self serve so you pick the ones you want then queue up to pay for them.

Once again I refrained myself as I was intending to have a cupcake in the next bakery we were visiting on the very same morning. But others in the group bought some cupcakes so I asked for their verdict.

NC had a Dexter and she said it was alright. I think she also had their Red Velvet on a previous occasion  and thought it was alright too but it didn't blow her away.

Magnolia Bakery on Urbanspoon

Magnolia Bakery
401 Bleeker Street
New York
NY 10014
Website: www.magnoliabakery.com

While at Chelsea Market, I stopped by Eleni's. Sami recommended I check out Eleni's with a must try of the Red Velvet Cupcake.

Even before I peeked at their range of cupcakes I was so taken by the decor of the store and by their fantastic range of cookies. Absolutely gorgeous! I fell in love with the store even before taking a bite of anything.

I asked the lady if I could take photos and she said yes instantly. Even more a winner for me! :-)

After heaps of photo taking, I had a good look at their cup cakes and ordered the Red Velvet Cupcake. I liked that they sliced the top off the cake, iced the cream cheese topping and then put the cut top back on. I sat down in their corner of tables and savoured every bite. This was the most delicious, most moist cupcake I have ever had and the cream cheese topping was superb!

The next time I visit, more cupcakes plus hoards of cookies will be on my order list!

Eleni's New York on Urbanspoon

Chelsea Market
75 9th Ave at 15th Street
New York
NY 10011
Website: elenis.com


chocolatesuze said...

aw i missed out on visiting magnolia bakery!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Can't believe we didn't have any cupcakes in NYC!

Cindy said...

Thanks chocolatesuze for visiting my blog and for your comment. Curious to know when you were in New York. Hope you had a blast when you were there! :-)

Cindy said...

Hello Helen, thanks for visiting and for posting your comment. Oh yes! Next time you will definitely have to include cupcakes in your to eat list when in New York! :-)