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Monday, 1 August 2011

Belle Saveur Patisserie Cafe

About two months ago, there was an article in the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Living about a patisserie in Penrith. The article perked my interest and I mentally made a note to visit the patisserie one fine day.

Well, the one fine day occurred over the week-end. I had placed an order for a cake for the week-end and rocked up to Penrith on Saturday morning to collect it. While I was there I decided to order coffee and a friand so I could check the cafe out too.

The coffee wasn't too bad, there was a nice strong flavour to it and the friand was lovely. It was a Passionfruit friand and it was surprisingly moist and full of flavour. The ladies were friendly and the atmosphere was a nice and comfortable little cafe.

The array of cakes

Coffee looks nice!

Passionfruit friand - very nice!

I also took home a Raspberry and White Chocolate Pyramid. I had it for my evening dessert. Let's put it this way, it was definitely a no diet week-end! I did enjoy the Pyramid. It was very pretty too look at and tasty to eat.

The Pyramid

In my next posting, I will show the outcome of the cake I had ordered. Belle Saveur Patisserie is an interesting place, especially since it is located in Penrith. That's more than 40 kms from where I live. Would I return in the future? I would say yes because I would like to try out their other cakes; they do look quite delicious.

Belle Saveur Patisserie Cafe
551 High Street
New South Wales

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