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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Deckhouse Cafe

A few of my friends and I had lunch at the Deckhouse Cafe on a Sunday. We were hoping for a sunny day so we could get a great view of the water sitting sitting at the Deckhouse. It was quite cloudy when we arrived but the sun broke out of the clouds as we were finishing the meal.

The Deckhouse is located in the Woolwich Dock in the suburb of Woolwich. What a lovely surround. Just so picturesque and such a peaceful environment.

It is quite clear that the Deckhouse Cafe is a popular cafe. There were quite a few lunch patrons. So how was the food and service?

We started with some garlic bread. The 2 girls had fish and chips, which they loved. Of the adults, one had salt and pepper calamari entree size, one had a scampi risotto for the main meal, another had the crusted lamb rack with potato mash and mint oil and I had fish and chips (main size) with tempura batter.

Garlic bread

Crusted lamb rack

Verdict - my fish was nice and tasty. My chips were slightly soggy and not crunchy at all. So that was disappointing. KY's lamb rack was apparently very nice. He seemed to enjoy and it looked perfectly cooked. Unfortunately CW's scampi risotto was a disappointment, the risotto was so overcooked that the rice was gluggy. Now that was a disappointment. CH's calamari wasn't too bad I think.

Fish with tempura batter and chips

Scampi risotto

Salt and pepper calamari (entree size)

So we looked forward to dessert. Two of us had the chocolate fondant with honeycomb ice cream and the other two had the petit fours. Dessert was received very well by all. I really enjoyed the fondant and the ice cream was really delicious. Not overly sweet.

Chocolate fondant with honeycomb ice cream

Petit fours

There is one negative comment that I would like to make about the service. The two kids meals were served very promptly so the adults expected the adult meals to arrive not too long after the kids meals. Well, how wrong were we? We waited about 20 minutes later to get our meals. That was not good planning as by the time we received our plates, the kids had finished their meals and had to patiently wait for the adults to finish. I strongly urge the kitchen to work out a better delivery of food plan when a table has a combination of children and adults.

Deckhouse Cafe
Woolwich Dock
Clarke Road
Woolwich NSW 2110
Website: http://www.deckhousewoolwich.com.au/

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Charmaine said...

I was not entirely happy with the service too, esp when we had to ask someone to clear the plates.