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Saturday, 8 October 2011


Dolcetti is a pasticceria that I have wanted to visit since I saw an episode on Italian Food Safari last year. The show was shown on SBS. I really enjoyed the series; I am a fan of Maeve O'Meara and her food safari television shows. In that particular episode, there was a segment on making nougat in a small pasticceria in Melbourne. It was called Dolcetti.

So I made a concerted effort to track down the location and I decided to visit it on a cold and wet Saturday morning when I was recently in Melbourne. I took the tram to the Queen Victoria's Market, browsed through it and walked up Victoria Street. I found the store and decided to have my breakfast while I was there.

The quaint teapots handing in the front window

It is quaintly decorated, small and unassuming. What a lovely set of goodies all presented in the display counter. They have lovely Italian biscuits, beautiful pastries, brioches, home made jams and relishes. The stack of soft nougats with different flavours looked so inviting.


Amaretti - Italian biscuits! Don't they look yummy?


I was privileged to meet Marianna DiBartolo (pastry chef and owner) who was kind enough to allow me to take some pictures of the treats. I had the Dolcetti pastry with coffee for breakfast. The pastry was just so delicious, it had pistachio paste, fresh pear and strawberries. The pastry was light and flaky. I thought the pastry was spot on!

My delicious pastry!

There were so many types of nougat to choose so I bought a few different flavours. There was raspberry with white chocolate, sour cherry with white chocolate, traditional almond with milk chocolate, nuts and chocolate (I think it is called baci). Imagine that I brought them back to Sydney!

Variety of soft nougat

The raspberry nougat was popular at a lunch I had at my friend CW's. I can't wait to try out the others.

If I could have tried out everything at Dolcetti, I would have. Please drop by this patisserie, you won't regret it!

223 Victoria Street
West Melbourne
VIC 3003
(03) 9328 1688
Website: http://www.dolcetti.com.au/


Charmaine said...

Everyone loved the nougat. Another place to try on my next trip to Melb.

Kin Yuen said...

You have a knack for sussing out the best nougat in Oz. I am also captivated by the pastry at Dolcetti!