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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Chefs Gallery

My friend CW told me about Chefs Gallery sometime last year. She even posted about it on her blog (From Our Home - Chefs Gallery). So when I was in the city recently I decided to stop by Chefs Gallery for lunch with my friend DD.

It is located in a very convenient location (extremely close to Town Hall station). I liked how busy it was and I also thought it was nice to sit down and be able to watch the chefs prepare the dishes. We sat at the counters facing the kitchen and we could see a couple of chefs making the siu mai. I couldn't believe how fast they were doing them. Another chef was preparing some of the noodle dishes. Fascinating!

We ordered the Steamed Dim Sim Sampling Platter. Beautifully presented in a bamboo box and they were delicious. Knowing they were freshly made somehow seems to enhance the flavours of the dim sims. There was 1 prawn dumpling, 1 spicy prawn dumpling, 2 BBQ pork buns, 1 chicken and prawn siu mai, 1 colourful mixed vegetable dumpling and 1 sticky rice dumpling.

Don't they look pretty?

We also ordered a bowl of Prawn and Pork wonton noodles in Shanghainese style spicy sauce. Apologies for the lack of a photo of the noodles. I completely forgot to get one! Duh! I really liked how 'al dente' the noodles were and the wontons were very flavourful and full of meat. The spiciness of the sauce lifted the dish.

Will I return to sample other dishes? Absolutely!

Chefs Gallery
Shop 12 (facing Bathurst Street)
Ground Level Regent Place Shopping Centre
501 George Street
NSW 2000
Website: www.chefsgallery.com.au


Charmaine said...

I liked the dim sum platter too. We should try for dinner one night.

Kin Yuen said...

My experience at the Chefs Gallery was unexpectedly not satisfactory. I was in a group of eight and two of my fellow diners were still waiting for their simple soy-stirred egg noodles for twenty minutes after the rest of us got our servings. These two were patient but had to remind the staff about their dishes. It was not a busy night, only perhaps one other table with diners as well.

What was surprising was that one of the staff firmly asked us to settle the table bill quick as they had to close in five minutes. It would have been better if she had checked first with her colleagues that two at our table were still waiting for their food. IPad, IpHone, Twitter, communicate, whatever, please use them.