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Monday, 28 January 2013

Mexico Food and Liquor (DD's 30th celebrations)

Finally, I get some breathing space to blog this post! It's been another rather hectic week at work and I have been champing at the bits trying to find some time to post about my recent fun time at Mexico Food and Liquor (or better known to me as just Mexico).

My good friend DD was kind enough to invite me to join his 30th birthday party celebrations and he chose Mexico, which is a stone's throw away from Central Station.

Warren Turnbull has done it again! What was previously District Dining has become the hot spot now known as Mexico. As you enter the premises, there are murals reflective of Frida Kahlo and many iconic artefacts reflecting the Mexican theme.

If I didn't know any better, I really could imagine being in Mexico. I won't describe the artefacts, I think the pictures speak a thousand words!

There were 16 of us attending the event. Lovely to meet so many of DD's old school mates who were seated at my end of the long communal table, quite an interesting bunch actually.

So what did we have for dinner? Well, as there were so many of us, we had the banquet menu. Wow! What a spread, there were so many dishes and all in all, we paid a very, very reasonable price. It was the alcoholic beverages that kept the price up, not the actual food.

So here goes:
Snacks - house made corn chips with pickled vegetables, Pumpkin, white bean and agave dip served with tortillas, and Crispy potatoes tossed in celery lime salt with tomatillo dressing.
Corn chips 
Pumpkin dip with tortillas
Pickled vegetables
Potatoes with tomatillo dressing

Soft shell tacos - we had a choice of one. I selected the Cumin and anise blackened chicken with avocado and mint.
Blackened chicken tacos
Then there was Mexican fried chicken, Chorizo cooked with beer, mint migas and semi dried grapes, Chipotle lime ceviche with black tomatoes, red pepper, garlic and coriander, and Grilled squid with mole amarillo de oaxaca, pink fir potato and yellow carrots.
Fried chicken
Grilled squid with mole 
Chorizo cooked with beer
The quesadillas that I managed to taste were Prawn with smoked paprika, chilli and orange served with corn salsa, and Achiote chicken with citrus cured red onion, mint with salsa borracha.
Prawn quesadilla with corn salsa
Chicken quesadilla with salsa borracha
Last but not least, there were salads of Beetroot, blood orange, chilli peanut salad with queso fresco and tostada. There was also a salad of Quinoa, wild rice, green bean, grilled zucchini with mustard greens.
Beetroot with blood orange salad
I even had a margarita, a Strawberry Margarita. I quite liked it actually.

The place was packed, it was happening and it was loud! As in loud music, not necessarily genuine Mexican music, but music per se! And it was also very dark, so I had to resort to taking the photos with a flash. We had permission from the restaurant to do so, which was great! The only negative comment I will say is that it took too long for the next set of food to be served. At one stage, I think we were sitting there with no food served for about 20 minutes. I am not sure if that is a common occurrence or because we were a large group.

But other than that, it was a great evening celebrating my friend's milestone and having some really good Mexican food. We ended it by DD ushering in his birthday with a large Strawberry Watermelon Cake from Black Star Pastry!! Yummy, a very nice way to end the very fun party!

Thank you DD for having me join in the celebrations! May your big year be one of many exciting ventures!!!! Happy birthday!!!!!

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