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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Eataly New York

I know! More New York posts! Really? Yes, I have been rather slow with my travel posts and I had decided to scatter them across the months rather than put up post after post of NYC! Sorry to those who would be 'so over' my New York trip by now.

The famous "Flatiron" building just outside Eataly
This post is about the time I spent at Eataly in Dec last year. It was not my first time, admittedly I did give it a whirlwind visit in June 2013 but this time I made an effort to spend a couple of hours here.

And for that, I saw aisles of dried pasta, pasta sauces, fresh pasta, recipe books, chocolates, Italian sweets, salami, prosciutto, and a whole host of Italian small goods, both packaged and freshly served off the counter. Oh and there was cheese, desserts and heaps of Italian bottled drinks. Need I go on?

The gelato counter had a queue of people, even though it was winter time.

What an amazing food hall of all things Italian.

But this time I made an effort to have lunch here. I booked a table for SL and I and it was about a 50 minute wait for the table. Yes, you read right, this little pasta and pizza corner was the most popular outlet in all of Eataly. It is aptly called La Pizza & La Pasta.

Was it worth the wait and did it live up to expectations? You betcha! :)

SL had the Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe. A beautifully al dente spaghetti topped with loads of freshly grated cheese from Lazio and black pepper. I had a mouthful and it was so good!

I had the Linguine con Vongole. A summary pasta of linguine, cockles, white wine, garlic and chilli flakes. Again it was perfectly al dente and had a nice hit of chilli. Loved it!

And we were also served some fresh Italian bread with olive oil (complimentary mind you).

The pasta was so fresh, beautifully cooked and reflects how simple can be so delicious. Bellissimo!

Eataly on Urbanspoon
Eataly New York
200 Fifth Avenue
New York
Website: www.eataly.com/nyc/

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