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Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Day Of Optional Activities In Queenstown

After a week of dining, shopping, wine tasting, and art appreciation, what would you do on the only day in which there were no GG group activities organised while in Queenstown?

Hmmmm..let me think. Well, this is what I did.

1. Visit the Remarkables Park Farmers Market which is located in Frankton.
It was quite a small market with some unique stalls but the location it was in was what drew my attention. The market was located close to the Remarkables, beautiful panoramic landscape.

While there, the most popular stall for the ladies who did decide to go was the stall selling all things felt. Very popular indeed! I found the stall selling dog cakes and biscuits fascinating. The cakes looked good enough to eat for us humans!

Every stall holder was warm and friendly and they didn't mind me taking photos.

2. Go for the Jet boat ride.
About 9 of us decided to sign up for this jet boat joy ride. Some of us were dressed appropriately and others, like me, were not. I should have put on my waterproof jacket but for some unknown reason, I did not. Boy did I get drenched!?!?!

But it was so much fun!! We saw so much of the landscape from jetting around the lake. The driver stopped occasionally to give us a bit of history of the area, this was something I didn't expect but was happy to hear more about Queenstown.

He did quite a few 360 degree turns which caused us to shriek just a little, but it was all good. One thing I will say, my hair is still in recovery mode from that joy ride!

3. Have lunch at Fergburger.
I only heard about this place a few days before I was due to leave for my holidays. When my colleague found out I was going to Queenstown, he told me to check out Fergburger. In his opinion, it serves the best burgers in NZ. So of course it would go on my 'to eat at' list. I checked out their website before I left Sydney, and their burger menu was quite extensive.

During the whole week, I was racking my brains trying to work out how I am going to be able to fit in a visit to this burger joint. Hurray, I finally did it with my GG friend, Lisa. Right after the jet boat ride, we got dropped off in town. In our state of matted hair and wet clothes, we quickly walked up to Fergburger, queued up to order and waited about 15 minutes for our burger and chips.

This place is always packed, there is always a queue but worth the wait. We thoroughly enjoyed our burgers. The chips were nicely thick and hot of the press! The burger bun was soft and tasted fresh. I am quite sure the burger buns were baked that morning.

It was a relatively large burger but we finished it all off. We had a burger each, sharing was not an option as we both wanted to eat the whole burger. Yummy!!!! Very happy that it is now ticked off my 'to eat' list. I think Lisa was happy she managed to experience it too.

4. Spa session at Eforea spa in Hilton Queenstown.
After that wonderful burger, we took the water taxi back to the hotel. Then we rocked up to the spa for our 2nd spa session. Note that this was not one of the optionals but was inclusive in our GG package. Lisa had her facial and I had my body scrub and massage. I loved it! It was sooooo relaxing and I could have done with another hour of it.

So after all that, it was just after 3.00 pm. Not bad for a mostly optional day of activities, don't you think so?

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