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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Cafe Lyon (Lindfield, Sydney)

A couple of weeks ago my close friends organised a birthday dinner catch up and it ended up being French themed. This time it was at Cafe Lyon located in the north shore in Lindfield.

When you read this post, you will notice that I have 2 back to back French dinners posted. Lol! Not planned this way, but sometimes these things happen. :)

Cafe Lyon had a nice French feel to their decor. Touches of Paris could be seen in carafes placed around various shelves and posters which were French themed.

We were seated at the first floor and I was thankful for the great lighting. Food bloggers paradise! Yay!

We decided to go for the 3 course menu which was priced at $65 for 3 courses. Pretty good value I say!

Our entrees were:

Zucchini Flowers, French Goats Cheese, Baby Artichoke & Salted Walnut Salad. The verdict from my friend was it was delicious.

Crispy Pork Belly, Boudin Noir, Wilted Spinach & Lentils De Puy. Two of us had this entree and the pork belly was truly crispy with the delicious crackling. The addition of the lentils did bring a rather interesting element to the dish. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our mains were:

Ocean Trout, French Onion Purée, Petit Pois a la Francais, Bacon and Champagne Velouté. The trout looked deliciously crispy and I was told it was delicious.

Sirloin, Charred Spanish Onions, Bearnaise and Roast Shallot Jus. I asked for medium rare and I certainly got it cooked the way I liked. A lovely pink indicated the tenderness of the beef. I was surprised by how large the two slices of sirloin were and I did struggle to finish the dish. A lovely béarnaise with the shallot jus was perfect for the sirloin.

And we had a lovely side dish of Winter Greens which consisted of beans, broccoli and brussel sprouts. Look at the colour and the beautiful gloss from the beurre noisette.

Desserts finished off our meal.

The special of the night was the Raspberry Soufflé with raspberry sorbet. It looked superbly decadent and delicious! Especially when NF was pouring the raspberry sauce in to the soufflé (after punching through a soft hole). Sorry, no picture when that happened! :)

Orange Brulee, Passionfruit, Fromage Frais sorbet, and Almond brittle. I was surprised at the type of dish the brûlée was served in. I expected a small, round and squat bowl but it came in a shallow and quite a wide shaped plate. This meant there was a lot more of the caramelised sweet to crack through but the brûlée itself was thin in layer. It ended up being super sweet and quite imbalanced for my taste. I wished I had gone for the soufflé instead but c'est la vie eh?

When we arrived at 6 pm, the restaurant was barely opened. By the time it was 7 pm, it was almost full and it was very full by 7.30 pm. It is obviously a very popular French bistro and the food and service justifies its popularity. A nice addition to the Lindfield and surrounding areas.

Cafe Lyon on Urbanspoon
Cafe Lyon
366 Pacific Highway
NSW 2070
Website: www.cafelyon.com.au

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chocolatesuze said...

that raspberry souffle looks incredible!

Cindy said...

Hi chocolatesuze, I wish I had it instead!

ChopinandMysaucepan said...

Dear Cindy,

The sirloin looks huge!!

Cindy said...

Hello ChopinandMysaucepan, thanks for visiting and for your comment. Yes, the sirloin was way too large for me! I could have shared it with someone else! 😊

missklicious said...

that is great value for $65! love the look of the strawberry soufflé.

Cindy said...

Hello missklicious, I shoul have had the soufflé!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

The béarnaise looks so glossy! And super impressed with the height of that souffle.

Cindy said...

Hi Helen, I must admit the bearnaise sauce was delicious.

Leona | Sprinklemyday.com said...

Whoa the height on that souffle is huge!

Cindy said...

Hello Leona, hehe! A well turned out soufflé indeed!! :)