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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Cafe Belle Fleur (Glenhaven, Sydney)

It was time for another Christmas catch up with one of my long time friends. As she resides in the Hills area, we specifically decided to meet at a cafe not located in any shopping centre. The main reason for this was to avoid the crowds during the post Christmas sale.

We eventually chose Belle Fleur which is a cafe located in the Flower Power compounds in Glenhaven, located in the Dural area.

I actually arrived a little earlier than I anticipated but that gave me time to browse through the nurseries and outdoor furniture section. Having never been here before, everything was new and interesting.

When we arrived at the cafe, I was immediately struck by the spaciousness. It would be very difficult to feel any sense of crowdedness. We were seated near the windows and had a great view of the pond and the large weeping willow. It was quite peaceful actually.

Being quite a warm day, I was hoping the cafe would be air conditioned. If it was, it wasn't on that afternoon but there were many ceiling fans that were turned on. It wasn't too bad where we were seated. But on a 40 degree day and there have been a few lately, it wouldn't have been pleasant.

For lunch I chose to have one of the specials. It was Prosciutto, gruyere and asparagus frittata, served with a side of salad. I enjoyed the frittata but did find the heavily laced salad dressing overwhelming the taste of my frittata. I found that distracting and decided to focus on the frittata and abandon the salad.

MO had the vegetarian burger which was Homemade vegetarian pumpkin, lentil and cashew burger on toasted Turkish bread, avocado, balsamic beetroot relish, sweet chilli and sour cream.  It looked pretty jam packed with all things good. And yes, I even meant the fries were good! :)

We decided to share a dessert and we chose the Lemon meringue cake. It was plated well and had a nice balance of the lemon with the meringue.

I was full but not to the point of being overly full. We then strolled around to where the very large fishes were swimming in the pond but missed out taking pics of the ducks.

For me the pull would be the view from the cafe interior. The pond, the ducks, the fishes and the landscape are the main attraction. It felt relaxing and you could easily while away a couple of hours having brunch or lunch with a good cuppa at the end.

The food is of the average cafe standard and the service was generally okay. It is however a very popular cafe as it is located in the very popular Flower Power.

Belle Fleur on Urbanspoon
Cafe Belle Fleur Glenhaven
Inside Flower Power Glenhaven
609 Old Northern Road
NSW 2156
Website: flowerpower.com.au/locations/glenhaven/caf-belle-fleur-glenhaven

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

There's a Belle Fleur in the Flower Power at Enfield too and it's equally popular. I guess it's a great way of combining garden shopping with a leisurely and somewhat tranquil meal. And fish in ponds are always relaxing. Could stare at them for hours!

Cindy said...

Hi Helen, I wish I had more opportunities to while away a few hours staring at fish and ducks. Quite peaceful..