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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Queen Victoria Building

The Queen Victoria Building (otherwise known as QVB) is one of the historical landmarks in Sydney. It was completed in 1898, replacing the original Sydney Markets on the site. Throughout the century this building has managed to survive and now thrive. It was beautifully restored about 15 years ago and has not looked back since. The number of visitors to this landmark, be it local or tourists, are too many to count.

The famous clock

One of the beautiful stained glass windows in QVB
Oroton's front window - just gorgeous!

When I do come into the city, this is one building I always visit. Sometimes it is to drop by some of the stores within the building, sometimes it is to have lunch. But today, being so close to Christmas, I walked up to the top floor to view the famous Christmas tree decorated with Swarovski crystals. Every year without fail, this tree is contructed within the building and it is amazing to see it shoot through the floors (from the ground to the second floor) through the main circle of the building.

Base of tree on the ground floor

The middle on the first floor

The top half on the second floor

This year there is a Swarovski Crystal Garden built in a dome like cage. This is where the children can queue up to get their picture with Santa Claus. The garden and cage was beautifully decorated. It did set the tone for the Christmas vibe.

I do love this time of the year, there is such a feeling of excitement and flurry amongst the crowds. I do hope that in the midst of the shopping and Santa Claus picture taking that we do not forget the real reason for Christmas, i.e. we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

God bless one and all!

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Kin Yuen said...

That Oroton window display at QVB Sydney is indeed unique.