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Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 4 Washington DC

This is my last day at Washington DC before I head off to New York City. So I decided to make the most of it.

I started the day by returning to the Smithsonian to see a couple more museums and to have some lunch at the cafe located in the National Museum of the American Indian.

National Air and Space Museum
This museum is apparently the most visited museum in the Smithsonian Institution. I can see why the men and the boys would love to hang out in this place. There were planes, planes and more planes. Cockpits of space shuttles were displayed everywhere. There was a Skylab Orbital Workshop, lunar modules and even moon rocks you could touch.

National Museum of the American Indian
I was fascinated by what I found in this museum. There was so much history and artefacts on display. It highlighted to me the awful pain and desolation the American Indians went through when America was being colonised by the Caucasians. So many of the tribes lost so much of their heritage, much of which can never be retrieved.

I also realised that the term American Indian does not only relate to the indigenous in North America but also in South America.

Lunch was at the Mitsitam Cafe. This cafe is known to be one of the better cafes in the Smithsonian Institute and primarily serves meals and snacks based on the indigenous foods of the Americas.

National Archives
On the way back I stopped by the National Archives which had the longest queues that I experienced while in Washington DC. After waiting outside in the hot sun for about 50 minutes, I finally managed to get into the National Archives. There is a strict no photography policy once you enter the building. While I was there I saw the Magna Carta document, the Bill of Rights which were so faded I could barely read the words, the Declaration of Independence, and The United States Constitution.

I was very impressed with the handwriting of the constitution. It was so neatly written across all the 4 very long pages.

Night Tour of DC
On my last night I took a bus tour to have a look at DC by night. Some of the memorials were spectacular at night.

It was a nice way to end my sightseeing time in Washington DC. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in this great capital city and everyone I met was very friendly and hospitable. Sweet!

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Edwina said...

Love your photos of Washington by night.