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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Cool Cafes in Parramatta

What is the definition of cool? Cool to a Gen Y may be different to a Gen X. But there are some things that are considered cool to all generations. I think these 2 cafes I am about to talk about are cool. I wonder if anyone out there will disagree with me?

Having recently won the Best Cafe award from the Good Cafe guide, Circa is even more prominently known now than before. I first heard about Circa when it opened and even noted its name in my list of Notes on my phone. But I had not been able to fit it in to my action list so far. After hearing more about it from fellow foodies earlier this year, I made a mental note to visit Parramatta on a Saturday. But by the time I was ready to do so, Circa lost it's weekend chef and since then had decided since then to only open on weekdays. Well, that shot my plans down, didn't it?!?!?

Recently I was called to appear in Parramatta court for jury duty. What a better opportunity to check out Circa. On the first day, they sent us home around 1.00 pm, so I wandered through the streets and found Circa. It is conveniently located minutes from the train station and Westfield Parramatta. There was not even a sign to indicate it was Circa but based on the pictures of its website, I construed it was so.

I was so excited to finally be here. It looked cool, it felt cool and it certainly was small. It was very Surry Hills but in Parramatta! On my first day, I decided to have the Cold Drip coffee. I don't think I have had one of these before and it was warm enough to have a cold coffee. It was smooth, chilled and quite fruity.

My lunch consisted of Baked Eggs. Initially I thought it was going to turn out like a shakshuka but I was so wrong. A nice wrong though! It was baked free range eggs with sujuk, Danish feta, diced tomatoes with a hint of chilli and served with sourdough toast. In case you didn't know, sujuk is a dry, spicy sausage traditionally used in the Turkish, Bulgarian and Albanian cuisine. It reminded me of the Spanish chorizo but a slightly spicier version of it.

I loved my dish. The toast was chewy and not as soft as you would think but I thought the texture was perfect to soak up the flavours of the baked eggs. The sujuk was absolutely delicious. I was glad there was generous servings of the sujuk in the dish.

The next morning, I decided to return for breakfast before I headed to the courts. This time, I decided on a more mellow Oolong tea to start the day.

And my breakfast was the Ottoman Eggs. It was poached free range eggs with crumbed eggplant, garlic labne, burnt chilli and sage served with seeded sourdough baguette. Beautiful and exotic flavours which satisfied my hungry tummy. Delicious!

The service was warm and friendly and there ain't nothing wrong with its range of coffees and teas. The food itself was good, a slight twist to the ordinary cafe fare. And the decor, well, what is there to say but cool!!

Three Ropes
Three Ropes is an offshoot of Circa. Shall I call it a little brother of the big brother? It is literally a hole in the wall and once again, there is no obvious sign to say it is Three Ropes. But it's coolness was evidenced in the wall mural and in its staff. The barista was so friendly and very charming to all of us.

After I was let off for jury duty, I decided to check it out its coffee. Sitting out there in a small lane with small wooden boxes as seats made me feel young again! How hip! It felt very Melbournian! I also decided to have a Rapsberry and Pistachio friend.

And how was my coffee? It was good. I could have had 2 more cups of it. The barista is obviously very good at his job!

I have to find a way to return on Saturdays for my coffee fix.

Circa on Urbanspoon
21 Wentworth Street
NSW 2150
Website: circaespresso.com.au

Three Ropes Espresso on Urbanspoon
Three Ropes
10a Darcy Street
NSW 2150

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Annie said...

i only heard about Circa recently but have realised that it only opens on weekends now. looks like i won't be able to visit here anytime soon :(. would have loved to check it out otherwise

chocolatesuze said...

love circa! the food and service is always amazing!

Cindy said...

Hi Annie, it's so nice to hear from you! I hope you do get to check out Circa one day. My fingers are crossed that they will one day go back to weekend trading. Wouldn't that be nice?

Cindy said...

I agree chocolatesuze! I wish I had the chance to know Circa much earlier than now. :)

thesuzchef said...

I really should venture out to Parramatta, have heard so much about Circa!

Helen | grabyourfork said...

I can never resist the baked eggs here. And lol so much novelty eating straight out of the frypan!

Cindy said...

Yes thesuzchef, an absolute must check out in Parramatta. Maybe an excursion for you and Lil A in the near future?

Cindy said...

Hi Helen, I love the frypan look too!