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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Melbourne - An Overview

This trip to Melbourne has been eventful in a few ways. There was lots of eating, catching up with my nephew and an old school mate. In addition, I found the time to visit the Melbourne Museum and I found the King Tut exhibition fascinating. I think I learnt a thing or two on that day.

The only downside to this trip was the rather miserable weather. It was wet, cold and miserable on most days. It only started to clear up on the day I was departing. Sigh!

I enjoyed browsing the QV Markets and once again realise how lucky the Melbourne locals are to have a bountiful market located so centrally in the CBD. The range of delicatessen food and the cheese (need I say more about the cheese?!?)...the seafood and meat range was extensive and the prices are in many ways so much more competitive than in Sydney.

Walking through the lane ways (which Melbourne is so famous for) makes me appreciate the cafe scene so much more. It reminds me so much of the European cities with their lanes littered with cages (especially Paris).

There is always something interesting happening on Bourke Street Mall. This group of 4 men (of differing ages) fascinated the crowd with their stillness.

I love walking through the Royal Arcade and the Block. You can see Koko Black, the famous Hopetoun Tea Rooms and Haigh Chocolates. The cakes look so tempting in the window display in the Hopetoun Tea Rooms. Mental note to myself to have high tea there one fine day!

So another trip to Melbourne has come and gone. So many more places to dine and visit when I get down there next.

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Kin Yuen said...

The babushkas and Hopetoun Tea rooms are a delight!