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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Cafe Morso

Once again I am back in Pyrmont. Strange coincidence that I have not visited Pyrmont in such a long time but I have now been here for 2 weekends in a row. This time it was to meet a friend for lunch on a Saturday afternoon that reflected a Sydney summer day (but in autumn).

I have not seen my friend KH in more than a year and we were trying to work out where we should meet when she suggested going to Cafe Morso. I checked out the website and I quite liked the look of the menu plus the very attractive location of the cafe. So here we are, sitting out on the wharf, enjoying some catch up time and having a relaxing meal at the same time.

Cafe Morso is located at the end of Pirrama Road, at the Lower Deck of Jones Bay Wharf. It is a stone's throw away from the Flying Fish restaurant. I quite liked the menu, there were some interesting variations to make the dishes just that tiny bit different to the staple cafe menus.

Well, what did we have for lunch? I had the Polenta crusted squid with spiced paprika mayo served with watercress, spanish onion and shaved cucumber salad. KH had the seared swordfish steak with corn and squid risotto and confit tomato. I found it interesting to have squid encrusted with polenta and I quite liked the paprika mayo. It was just something different which made in interesting. KH enjoyed her swordfish.

Seared swordfish steak

Polenta crusted squid

For dessert, we went all out and I had the Orange scented pannacotta with beetroot syrup and baby mint. Very, very interesting combination. Normally I dislike beetroot but I decided to try this combination out. It certainly combined very well and I thoroughly enjoyed my dessert. KH had the Trio of apple comprising of steamed apple pudding with caramelised apple pearls and apple sorbet; and served with vanilla anglaise. Her dessert looked scrumptious and she obviously enjoyed it. But after tasting my very interesting dessert, her verdict was that mine was the standout.

Trio of apple

Pannacotta with beetroot syrup

But the selling point of Cafe Morso is the location. Looking out to the Bay and the various ships docked, it did not feel that we were actually in the heart of Sydney city. Did I forget to mention how packed the cafe was?

Cafe Morso on Urbanspoon

Cafe Morso
Lower Deck (West Side), Jone Bay Wharf
Pirrama Road
Pyrmont NSW 2009
Website: www.cafemorso.com.au

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