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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fratelli Fresh and Cafe Sopra

Fratelli Fresh has a few outlets in Sydney but the original store is located in Dank Street in the suburb of Waterloo. I have been here many times over the past few years but not since I started this blog.

So I took the opportunity to take some photos when we came here to browse around and have lunch at Cafe Sopra. For those of you who have not been there before, Cafe Sopra is located at the top floor of the Fratelli Fresh store. I have not been to Cafe Sopra since Andy Bunn 'left the building' but I would say the cafe's popularity has not dissipated. We got there at 11.45 am (perfect timing by the way!) and there was hardly anyone at the cafe but 20 mins later, there was a queue.
Cafe Sopra's dining area

We had Field Mushrooms as a side, I had the Spaghettini with crab, chilli and garlic. My friend CM had the Poached chicken salad with pine nuts, green beans and red wine dressing.

Field mushrooms - looks tame but very delicious!

Spaghettini with crab

Poached chicken salad

CM had not been here before so she felt very trendy dining at Cafe Sopra. We enjoyed our lunch tremendously, the pasta was absolutely al dente (which is not always the case in many venues that I have been to) and the field mushrooms were cooked perfectly. I absolutely love those mushrooms. Cafe Sopra does cook them very well indeed. CM was very impressed with the mushrooms and she was very pleased with her chicken salad.

We then browsed around the Fratelli Fresh store and bought a few bits of Italian pasta and tasted some of the aged balsamic vinegar. Love the dried pasta range!

Fratelli Fresh - pasta, balsamic vinegar, olive oils galore!

Fratelli Fresh - fresh vegetables, breads, fresh fruits, Italian cheese galore!

There is a kitchen section that caters for cooking classes. The group classes are free and you can even request for private cooking classes which are chargeable. The classes are taken by the chefs from Cafe Sopra.

We saved a bit of tummy space to have dessert and coffee at another location. See my next post for that instalment!

Fratelli Fresh
7 Dank Street,
NSW 2017
Website: www.fratellifresh.com.au


Charmaine said...

Stupid question: how did you get to the cafe? We went once but could not find our way.

Charmaine said...

I meant, get into the cafe. We walked into the store,and then walked out again. Yes, we were silly.

Cindy said...

There is a flight of stairs to the right of the ground floor which heads up to the cooking class section. From there you go up another flight of stairs to reach the top floor. Walk through the dry goods area and you will see the Cafe.

Hope you find it the next time you are there!

CM said...

I did indeed feel trendy! It felt like this exclusive place that only a few people knew about! Especially with the blackboard menu and wonderful fresh food surroundings. Delicious! Can't wait to go back with you xx