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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Bakehouse on Wentworth

It was the start of a long weekend in Orange and on the way we decided to stop for a short break and take the opportunity to have some lunch. We stopped at Blackheath and had a nice lunch at Bakehouse on Wentworth.

This is my second time here but this is my first occasion as an amateur blogger. So out came my camera taking pictures of the lovely bread, cakes, muffins, pies which are all on offer in the two display cases. Fortunately it was a warm afternoon so we sat outside in a covered area and had a relaxing lunch.

I had the Lamb with rosemary and garlic pie and my friend KY had the Chicken and leek with mushroom pie. I enjoyed my pie, there were chunks of tender lamb meat in the pie. Large mugs of coffee helped us finish off the meal.

I also decided to get some sourdough bread, Portuguese tarts and some muffins and friands for our weekend in Orange. Turns out all we got were delicious too!

Bakehouse on Wentworth
105 Wentworth Street
Website: www.bakehouseonwentworth.com.au

Note: Other locations are in Leura, Springwood and Glenbrook.

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Kin Yuen said...

I reckon the coffee was rather wholesome and had a good body, considering the nippy air outside that day. The pies are rather larger than in Sydney city and suburban outlets.

Charmaine said...

One of my fav bakeries. The organic pumpkin sourdough bought from their stall at the Orange Farmers Market was great too.