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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lolli Redini

This is yet another post focusing on my recent trip to Orange. This time I will be talking about our dinner at Lolli Redini. It is a one hat restaurant and my friend CW and her family dined here when they were in Orange last year and I heard nothing but positive comments from her family from that occasion.

After my lovely experience at Racine, I had a certain set of expectations coming to Lolli Redini. It is located in the heart of the town and during our visit, the restaurant was in Art mode. This was due to the impending Art exhibition that was to show at the restaurant the day after our dinner. As a matter of fact, that night there was a long table set aside for a group of artists and other related members of the art community who were meeting together in celebration of the upcoming exhibition.

One of the artwork on exhibition

I loved the interior of the restaurant. At the moment, the theme is red. There were red cushions interspersed with the occasional white cushion. As I sat down surrounded by cushions, I almost felt like I was lounging on a sofa at home. Quite an interesting feeling, considering that fact that I am actually sitting in a restaurant.

I was planning on having a dessert tonight as I had previously checked out their menu on their website. But the menu of the night did not include the dessert I wanted to try, i.e. Strawberry Mille Feuille. So I decided to stick to 2 courses, an entree and a main.

For my entree, I had the Squid Ink Tagliarini with Chilli, Tomato passata, fennel, baby mussels, lemon and pangrattato. Verdict: absolutely delicious! Loved the fine texture of the squid ink pasta and the crunchiness of the pangrattato. KY had the Juniper and beetroot cured ocean trout carpaccio and his feedback on the dish was positive.

Squid ink tagliarini

Ocean trout carpaccio

For my main, I had the twice cooked wagyu brisket with Jerusalem artichoke purée, broccolini, glazed heirloom carrots and swedes, rosemary crumbs and brisket sauce. Verdict: yummy beef which was so tender and the heirloom carrots and swedes were perfectly cooked!

AW had the Veal tenderloin roasted in pancetta & sage with pumpkin puree and loads of beans. For a children's size plate, her serving was very generous. Some others had the Slow roasted pork belly, sweet potato puree, caramelised apples and wom bok cabbage. Interesting combination, I thought. Everyone enjoyed their dish.

Wagyu brisket

Slow roasted pork belly

AW's veal tenderloin

AW also ordered a very delicious dessert. I decided to skip dessert as I was feeling so full but I think I did regret my decision a little after the looks of pleasure from the Wan family when they all dipped into the 1 dessert glass! The ice creams of the day were fig and vanilla which were hand churned by the way!!! Apparently they were seriously good!

I am suitably impressed by the quality of the cooking in Orange. Can't wait to come back and enjoy the cuisine.

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Lolli Redini
48 Sales Street
NSW 2800
Website: www.lolliredini.com.au

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