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Sunday, 14 October 2012

First Meal at the M's

This is not a blog post about a meal at a restaurant but rather it is about a home made meal at the M's. it is the first time I have been to their new apartment, a rather nice looking one at that!

I finally got to know their dog, Buddy, who is just adorable. I think he and I fell in love instantly....

I brought a cheese platter together with Prosciutto from Italy so the M's could try it and tell me what they felt was the difference between the prosciutto made in Australia and this one that came from Italy. I think they see a huge difference and understand why I extol the virtues of my oh so favourite Prosciutto Di San Danielle. Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the platter.

For mains, CM cooked Chicken Breast topped with a Honey Mustard dressing and served on a bed of salad. She also roasted some sweet potatoes topped with grated cheese, this was served with the chicken. It was quite tasty, I liked that it was a fast cooking dish and the dressing could be made beforehand. The chicken was moist and tender and not verging on the dry side. Which means CM did not overcook it.

For dessert, CM made strawberry cream pastry. But it didn't turn out as presentable as we would all have liked. The cream was a little too runny and the short crust pastry did not work with the dessert. It was way too short. The general consensus was too change the pastry to puff or filo (maybe) and thicken the cream up. Maybe it was too over whipped. But not to worry, that was a first time effort at the dessert and CM will have another go at it on another occasion. CM has asked me not to put up the photo of the dessert but that I could discuss it, so out of respect for her request, no photo here. But I would like to add that in terms of flavour, it was a lovely dessert. The strawberries which were macerated worked well with the cream.

It was so nice to have some personal time with this lovely young couple. I enjoyed interacting with Buddy too, who had these lovely 'come pet me' eyes which was very hard to ignore.

Thank you M's. I truly had a lovely evening with you. Looking forward to our next catch up, maybe I will be the one to cook?! What say you?

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CM said...

So glad you could come and see our place, spend some time with us (and buddy!) and share a meal with us! How about next time, I'll remake my dessert, and you can most certainly cook! Yummo!!! Xxxx