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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Red Spoon - Castle Hill

There are a few Red Spoon restaurants dotted across Sydney (one in Gladesville and the other in Top Ryde) and another in Castle Hill. I met up with a friend and had lunch there recently. It was my second visit and I do like their food and how generous they are with the servings.

I noticed how quick they are with their service. I guess it makes sense to have a quick service as it is located in the Piazza in Castle Towers and being in a retail dining spot, people do want to come and have a quick meal before they move on their next activity. When I first came for dinner last year, it was packed to the max and there were many diners who wanted a quick meal before heading to the movies.

This time we ordered two main dishes to share. We had the Chicken Panang and the Pad Thai King Prawns.

They were both delicious and as you can see, generous in serving size. The king prawns were huge! The Pad Thai dish was beautifully presented.

I have yet to be disappointed dining at Red Spoon. Having this Thai restaurant in Castle Towers has provided another dining option that was sorely missed for quite a while.

Red Spoon Castle Hill
Castle Towers
The Piazza
Website: http://www.redspoonthai.com/

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