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Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Baron (Small Bar and Coffee Shop)

Who would have thought there would be a cool, hip and grungy cafe in the midst of the Hills area! Hurray, cool is in town!!!!

The Baron is located in the heart of Castle Hill's shopping area and has only been opened since last December. I drive pass this little strip every time I head to Castle Tower's parking lot and yet I did not even notice this place. Duh!!!!

Look at the fridge and wooden board wall! 

Anyway, I heard about it from some friends and thought it was time to check it out. I love the deco, such a cool and retro/grunge feel to it. We got there at almost 12 noon and it was already filled with people.

I love that there is a large communal table and I got to see what was ordered by others. I ordered their New Southern Pulled Pork Roll served with Red cabbage slaw and my friend ordered the Bacon and Egg Roll served with avocado, homemade aioli and tomato relish.
Both were beautifully presented. The food is good!!!! My pulled pork was so tender and juicy (it had been slowly braised in bourbon and coke) and the bun was delicious. I tried to be lady like and used my utensils to cut it up, just by doing that I made a visual mess of it but I enjoyed it the same. Next time, it will be by using hands!?!?!?

My friend enjoyed the Bacon and Egg roll which had a lovely relish in the middle of it. It was fascinating to see the sunny side up egg's yolk break and slowly spread over the board! It was visually tempting and made me want to mop up the yolk with some of the beautiful bun.

We didn't stay for coffee or sweets this time. But I will be back, that is for sure. Apparently, they have great coffee (or in their website words kick-ass) so I will definitely try that out plus the Breakfast Board looked tempting too.

Thanks 'The Baron'! Loved it and I will see you soon.

The Baron on Urbanspoon

The Baron Small Bar and Coffee Shop
Shop 461, 4-16 Castle Street
Castle Hill
NSW 2154
Website: http://whoisthebaron.com/

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Driveways said...

I must visit your coffee cafe...

CM said...

So excellent!