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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Croutons Soup Bar

About a month ago, my friend CW sent me a e-article from the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Living about a soup station that was making interesting soups and the outlet was located near my office. The article link is here (http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/-1znxt.html). The place is called Croutons Soup Bar.

So I mentally filed it away for a future visit. This week in Sydney hasn't been that warm and it was a perfect time to check out the Soup Bar. I found a queue of people lining up to place an order, there was another group hanging around the large Soup Vats waiting to pick up their order. That was a good start. It can't be that bad if there are people queueing up to place an order.

On my first visit, I decided to have their Boston Clam Chowder. I also had a slice of Brasserie Bread's Country Sourdough for an extra dollar.

The soup was very hearty and tasty. The serving was very generous, there were heaps of vegetable and bits of bacon in the soup. I expected the soup to be creamier in look because that is what I am used to especially after having this soup in Boston. I could taste a hit of spice in the soup and upon reflection realised it is the cayenne pepper that provided a little kick to the soup. But I was not disappointed with the soup, I wouldn't call it a clam chowder though. In my opinion, it's more like an interpretation of the clam chowder.

On my second visit, I decided to try the Tarragon Poached Chicken with brown rice. I also ordered the Quinoa and Soya Sourdough bread slice. Hmmm...delicious! I really loved this soup. There were chunky bits of chicken, generous servings of potatoes, carrots and onions. The denseness of the quinoa and soya bread paired beautifully with the soup.

I have made a mental note to try out their Indonesian Chicken Soup on my next visit.

Croutons Soup Bar
Shop G27, Metcentre
60 Margaret Street (enter via Jamison Street)


Croutons Soup Bar said...

Hi Cindy, thanks so much for visiting us and for your kind review!
Please note that we have recognised the issue with our chowder and have identified the culprits, namely the carrots and the butter/dairy. The carrots have of late been very red and this "bleeds" into the soup during the cooking process thus turning it a very dark brown. We have addressed this issue and you will note that our chowder will become lighter as of tomorrow onwards.

As for the butter/dairy, we will be changing suppliers and henceforth, our chowders should go back to their original great Bostonian taste!

Come by the shop again and identify yourself to me (Kelvin) and i'll give you a sample of our renewed chowder! Thanks Cindy! - Croutons Soup Bar

Cindy said...

Hello Kelvin,

Thank you so much for firstly reading my blog post. I am considerably surprised that you found it. Secondly I will drop by your soup station soon and look forward to trying your renewed chowder!! :-)

Cheers, Cindy