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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

American South Down Home Dinner at MiCasa-SuCasa

I first found out about MiCasa-SuCasa's website through one of Miss Piggy's retweets. Reading all about the supper club hosted by SarahKate and Andy perked my interest.

It intrigued me that this young couple was willing to open up their home to strangers and on top of that cook for the guests! Wow! I thought to myself 'how brave'!

So I decided to enquire on the then upcoming down home American South dinner. I myself was a little anxious as I didn't know who else would be attending this small group but at the same time quite excited. It felt like I was about to embark on a mini food adventure!

I was the first to arrive and met Andy and SarahKate who were so warm and friendly. Immediately I was served a spiced sweet tea which had a shot of rum in it. I quite liked the drink but was still feeling a little nervous about who the rest of the guests would be. SarahKate, being the head chef, was running the kitchen and Andy was her very capable assistant. Great team work! :-)

Then we were served pimento cheese with crackers! YUMMY to the max! This dip was so delicious and extremely addictive. It was really hard to stop eating it. The guests turned up over a period of 15 minutes and the next couple to walk in was Miss Piggy and The Boy! Yay, someone I know previously. I had met Miss Piggy when a group of bloggers met up for the Fairfield Feast Tour.

Then there was Sticky Sweet with her partner Gav and 4 other Gen-Y's who made up this evening's supper club guests. What a diverse group of people but we were all here for one thing; a down home food experience courtesy of MiCasa-SuCasa.

After friendly hellos and some get to know you conversations, we eventually sat down for dinner. I fully expected SarahKate and Andy to sit with us for the meal but it turned out that this evening was treated like a pop up restaurant and Andy served us while SarahKate ran the ship from the kitchen.

For dinner we had:

Lima bean with ham hock soup- smooth and creamy. Delicious!

Mac and Cheese - beautifully baked and deliciously authentic!

Succotash - a traditional American South dish typically consisting of corn kernels, beans and a variety of other vegetables. In this case, there were tomatoes put into the mix, in addition to the corn kernels and beans. I found this dish to be very refreshing and I so loved the name of the dish!

Judy's Pork chops with home made biscuits and gravy - I have never had pork chops in this style before. I thoroughly enjoyed the pork chops, the gravy had a rich and thick creamy texture. The biscuit had a texture leaning towards a scone. The whole dish completely reflected the American Southern style of cuisine. I loved it!

Dessert was Buttermilk waffles served with honey baked pears and vanilla ice cream. Those pears were sublimely delicious!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The food was great, the people I met were all nice and it was also lovely to meet up with Miss Piggy again after that last eventful food day. I would like to think that I made a couple of new friends from that evening. Hello Sticky Sweet and MiCasa-SuCasa! :-)

I commend SarahKate and Andy for their hospitality and their willingness to open up their homes to strangers. All that is ever asked of the guests is a little donation to recover the cost and everything else happens by default. A fun evening filled with great conversation, great food and of course great fellowship!!!

Dare I say it? Yes, I will say it! It was food made with a lotta love from genuine down home people! Thanks SarahKate and Andy! I had such a great time and I hope to see you someday soon.

MiCasa-SuCasa's website: micasa-sucasa.com.au

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Sophie - thestickyandsweet.com said...

What a fabulous evening it was! I agree it's very brave of SK and Andy to open up there home to strangers, but I guess that's how you make new friends. Maybe we'll find each other sharing another meal soon :)

Missy Piggy said...

It was a FANTASTIC evening and I'm so glad you were there. You're always amongst friends when there are foodies present. SarakKate & Andy are SO welcoming - we love their super club so much (we've been about 6 times now).

Jo said...

it was indeed a swell night! good food, good company - what more you could ask for!

Charmaine said...

An awesome treat and pop-up restaurant. Love the look of the mac and cheese and waffles.