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Friday, 7 June 2013

Smoky O's BBQ Pop Up at The Baron (Castle Hill)

I initially found out through Twitter about this upcoming pop up event at The Baron in Castle Hill but didn't jump on the bandwagon to get a ticket. Don't ask me why but I must have been having a lazy day that day. Next thing I know, I found out a couple of days later, through Twitter, the event was sold out! Bummer!!! :-(

When I was at MiCasa-SuCasa's supper club last week, they were talking about going for breakfast at the Smoky O's BBQ pop up at The Rag Land. That perked my interest but alas it was held on a Monday and Tuesday and I just couldn't get there because of work.

Miss Piggy and MiCasa-SuCasa went for the brekkie. I was salivating looking at the pictures through their twitter feeds! Then Miss Piggy tweeted me telling how delicious the food was and that I should go for the pop up at The Baron. At her prompting, I tweeted the Baron and asked if they had room for 'one'. After an hour or so, I got in!!!!! Yippee, yay, yay!

This is my first time attending a pop up restaurant. Let me just say that I hope to go to many more in the future.

Tim Odom, better known as Smoky O's BBQ, cooked everything we were served (except the mini buns).  To start we had popcorn to whet our appetites. Popcorn you say?!?!? Yes! And how good were they? They were served in brown bags and were cooked with bacon, bourbon and caramel. There was the sweet, there was the savoury and there was finger licking deliciousness.....!!

Then we had the Beef short ribs which had been smoked with apple beech wood and cooked on the BBQ for about 6 hours. This dish was served with dill pickles. It was yummy, melt in your mouth but still had a beautiful bite to the meat. There was a bottle of Tim's BBQ sauce on the table but I didn't need it. The meat stood out in its own right, a lovely smoky flavour but not overwhelmingly smoky. Delicious to the max!

The next course was Pulled pork served with a platter of coleslaw, baked beans that had a zing of bourbon and brocolli topped with bacon. There were mini buns served on a separate platter which allowed us to make our own pulled pork sliders. How was it? The combination of the pulled pork with the beans was sinful!!! I couldn't stop eating it, truly delicious!

We ended the pop up meal with apple pie and cream. Tim was the first to say that he is no baker so we shouldn't expect too much of the apple pie. But in my opinion it really wasn't that bad. There was a nice texture and flavour to the apples in the pie and I could see that almost everyone in that restaurant cleared their plates. So Tim, you are a better baker than you think!!

Believe it or not, we were served 3 different beers throughout the night. They were supplied and brewed by Riverside Brewing Company which is based in Paramatta. Another local! I met Dave from Riverside Brewing Company, an amiable man and an Eels fan. We had the Fifty Five Pale Ale, Fourty Four American Amber and the Eighty Eight Robust Porter. They had different complexities and flavours and as a non beer drinker I did make an effort to taste all 3. I think the beers went well with the food.

Fifty Five Pale Ale
Forty Four American Amber
Eighty Eight Robust Porter
It was great to meet up with Miss Piggy and The Boy. I met Claire, a friend of Miss Piggy's who is a blogger. And I also met Kon who is an avid fan of all things smoked and barbecued, as a result of which fostered a working relationship with Tim Odom.

The Baron boys were great! It was so nice that we had a pop up event in the north west where foodies who live in this area could attend without having to drag themselves into the city. Thank you to The Baron! You guys rock! I have always loved coming to your cafe and will continue to do so. You are definitely our local!
Tim working away on the pulled pork
Tim Odom, you have a great skill with your BBQ of meats and you are a great cook. Please continue with what is clearly a great passion of yours and we are only too happy to support you in any way we can. It was so nice to meet you and I am sure I will be there at your next pop up!

Smoky Os BBQ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SmokeyOsBBQ

Riverside Brewing Company: riversidebrewing.com.au

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The Baron
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4-16 Castle Street
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NSW 2154

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Missy Piggy said...

That Miss Piggy is very bossy! I thought it was a great dinner, I loved the food (that popcorn & rib = omg)! And I totally agree that it was wonderful to have something so great like this in our area for a change.