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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Su Gologone

We stayed at Su Gologone for 2 nights. This is a resort set in the most glorious of settings that you can imagine. Behind the resort is  a mountain range which sets a beautiful backdrop for the resort. Around the resort are small vineyards and lots of foliage. This area certainly has some interesting plants. There is among the foliage, quite a large number of cacti.

It is located near the town of Oliena. I think we all fell a little in love with it. It is so picturesque. There is an outdoor kitchen which cooks the suckling pigs and other types of meat. There is the swimming pool and spa. On top of that, there are multiple areas to hang out for drinks or just chill out. This place is quite popular with European tourists. While I was there, I saw guests from Italy, France, Germany and obviously Australians.

For both nights, we had our dinner there. The first night was a set menu, and the waitresses kept doling out good quality food. There were dishes such as fennel fritters, cheese balls, mushroom salad, pane frattau, macaroni with tomato sauce and cheese and tomatoes with grated pecorino.

The second night, we had a la carte, so it was a little more selective for us. I chose Fresh pasta with fresh herbs and tomato sauce. Deb, Margaret and I shared 2 side dishes. These were Stewed French Beans with Potatoes and Pan Fried Peppers, Onions and Tomatoes. I think all of us enjoyed our selections.

Giovanna, who is the daughter of the family who owns the resort, was very hospitable to us and most especially, she and Maeve became fast friends.

Even the boutique is located in a beautiful setting. A lot of the craft work is done onsite and there is a kiln in the boutique for some of the onsite pottery artwork.

While we were there, Giovanna organised a Sardinian singing group to entertain us on the second evening. It was an 'a capella' group and they made the effort to explain to us their method of singing, of warming up and the type of music they were singing. This occurred before each song set.

We found their historical costumes fascinating. What was also very interesting was that they sang to each other in a circle. This was for acoustics purposes and in addition they listened to each other tones as they were singing in other to get the right tone for their own vocal range. The vocal tones were brilliant! Beautiful singing!

There was even a dancing lesson with the Gourmet Safaris team of Maeve, Pietro and Liz.

The Gourmet Safaris team dancing with the Sardinian singers

By the way, the backdrop of the singing was an outdoor bar/cocktail level with the mountain range behind us. How good is that?!?

Su Gologone
Oliena (Nuoro)
Website: www.sugologone.it

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Edwina said...

Beautiful place! I'd have liked to see you at the dancing lesson....
By the way Cinders I can't express the delight I'm experiencing of having to prove I'm not a robot every time I make a comment!!!!