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Monday, 19 September 2011

Sweetness the Patisserie

Sweetness the Patisserie - I first read about this shop about 2 years ago in an article in the Good Living. The shop is located in Epping and that perked my interest.  The article focused on the nougat and marshmallows made onsite. It is not often you find artisan shops in the North West of Sydney.  They are typically located in the city or close to the city.

The store sign

When I do visit the store, I love looking at the range of sweet treats available. The fact that they are all hand made onsite makes them all the more attractive. I have previously mentioned Sweetness the Patisserie when I blogged about the Castle Hill Farmers Market. I thought it appropriate to dedicate a singular post just to the store and its founder Gena Karpf. Gena Karpf founded the store in circa 2008. It has gone from strength to strength and has expanded its range to not only include marshmallows, nougat and various biscuits but to also include fruit coconut ice, toffees, gummies, fudge, truflles and so forth.
One shelf laden with the freshly baked biscuits

Rocky Road Bonbons

Some more yummy goodies!

The very famous marshmallows - I love them!

The open kitchen where the treats are made

Recent fine food awards won by Sweetness the Patisserie

The declaration by Michel Roux about the marshmallows
The last picture is taken from the main window of the store. There is a lot of back reflection so it is very hard to read it. What it says is 'The best marshmallows I have ever eaten. I loved every mouthful'....Michel Roux

If Michel Roux loves them marshies, then I would expect almost anyone to love them too (that is if you have a sweet tooth).

Sweetness the Patisserie
38 Oxford Street
NSW 2121
Website: http://www.sweetness.com.au/

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Kin Yuen said...

The marshmallows are yum!