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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thyme Restaurant, Spencer On Byron

Well, I am back in Auckland for the week. This trip was unscheduled and requested at the last minute. I did not realise how close we are to the opening of Rugby World Cup 2011. Goodness! Upon reflection, we were lucky to even get rooms for our booking for this week.

I am staying at the Spencer on Byron in Takapuna. It turns out the French Rugby team are bunked here too. I was squeezed into a lift with a few of them a couple of nights ago. I sure felt short and small next to some of them.

Tonight our project team had a dinner to celebrate the end of the Design phase. So we decided to have dinner at the main restaurant in the Spencer. The restaurant is named Thyme. I had previously dined here a couple of  months ago and found the food to be very nice.

We all ended up ordering a three course meal. For this posting, I will focus on the dishes I ordered as it was too difficult to take photos of all the others' dishes. For entree I had seared scallops with sauteed rhubarb, rhubard reduction and rhubard crisps. I thought I would try it out even though I am typically not keen on rhubarb. The combination intrigued me and I was not disappointed. I did enjoy the dish.

Scallops with rhubarb

For my main, I had lamb cutlets, lamb shank cigar, pumpkin whip, creamed leeks and guava jus. It was very nicely cooked and the meat was of high quality and very tender indeed. I did enjoy it!

Lam cutlets with lamb shank cigar

My dessert was Pacific Rose Apple Tartan with vanilla ice cream and it was lovely to look at and lovely to eat.

Apple tartan with vanilla ice cream
By the way, the service at the restaurant is of high standard. I would recommend the restaurant to you if you are ever in Takapuna.

Thyme Restaurant
Spencer on Byron
9-17 Byron Avenue
Auckland, New Zealand

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