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Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Brooklyn Bridge and Pizza at Grimaldi's (New York City)

I have mentioned before about my mental to do list (as one would say a bucket list) that I occasionally get a chance to scratch an item off. During my recent trip to New York, I managed to scratch quite a few off my list and my walk across the Brooklyn Bridge was another scratch off!!!

It was another warm and sunny morning when we walked across the bridge. It was also high in humidity and we were sweating profusely as we slowly walked the bridge busily taking photos of Brooklyn and also of Manhattan.

Photo courtesy of Sami Lukis
There were parts of the bridge that was undergoing repairs which accounted for some sections being covered by construction walls and ropes. But that didn't bother me, I just wanted to soak it all in. I was really walking across this iconic bridge! Across some parts of the bridge I could see little locks along the metallic chains. Fascinating.

Photo courtesy of Sami Lukis
As we arrived at the other end and we were in Brooklyn itself we took a quick stroll around and ended up in the park next to bridge. It was a lovely park designed for families. There were mothers with their children playing in a cordoned off area. There was a little alcove where we could take pictures of the bridge from the Brooklyn end.

As we were busily taking our group photos, a rather well muscled and buffed young man walked past and someone mentioned wouldn't it be nice to get a photo of him. So Sami called him over and asked very politely if he wouldn't mind taking a photo with some of the ladies which he very politely accepted. I think he was quite chuffed about it! Look at the muscles rippling!!! Wow!

Photo courtesy of Sami Lukis
As we walked out of the park and were heading towards Grimaldi's I saw the famous carousel. It's too bad the carousel was closed. It looked like it was closed for a children's birthday party. Sigh!

At the end of our morning walk, we ended up outside Grimaldi's. Grimaldi's is a Brooklyn and also a New York institution. It is famous for its pizzas and have had some really famous visitors drop by for their pizzas.

We arrived there at 10.30 thinking it would open for lunch at 11.00. We were wrong, it finally opened at 11.30 and we were starving by then. But we were first in line! Yay!

Half the group decided to go back to Manhattan to do some shopping while the remaining group (there were 7 of us) stayed back to check out these famous pizzas. We decided not to share and to have a regular pizza each. We all forgot these were American servings! Imagine how shocked we were when we were served with these enormous trays of pizzas!!!! It was hilarious.
My Pepperoni and Mushroom pizza

But we were not fazed. Bearing in mind that we could take away the unfinished slices, we ate and enjoyed the pizzas. NC was convinced the pizzas were not as good as the ones she has had at the GPO in Sydney. Well, we'll see about that (a future post about this adventure will be blogged soon)! But most of us enjoyed the pizza. I especially loved the cheese. There was something haloumi like about the texture of the mozzarella and it was quite addictive.

I couldn't believe how much I ate. There were altogether 6 large slices per tray and I ate 5 of mine. Goodness me! But I am glad I did eat all that pizza because it kept me going till the end of the day. Our next meal was after watching the musical Kinky Boots when we had a late supper at La Esquina.
The queue as we left the building
Did I enjoy my pizza? Yes! Was it the best pizza ever? No! But did that matter? No! Why? Because I was at Grimaldi's and I was having lunch at a Brooklyn institution!

Grimaldi's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

1 Front Street
New York
NY 11201
Website: grimaldis.com

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