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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food, Sydney

Petaling Street is a recently opened Malaysian restaurant located on George Street in Sydney. It is positioned in the Chinatown end of the city between Hay Street and Ultimo Street.

The restaurant has been operating in Melbourne on Swanston Street since last year and has other branches in Victoria; and just recently popped up a new branch in Sydney. After hearing about it from some friends who had recently frequented the place, CW and I decided to try it out for lunch today. I am still on my break and CW's office is not too far away for us to meet on her lunch break.

It is a relatively small place. Rather long and narrow but there are enough tables to seat about 20 people. We decided to order Lobak for the entree and had two main dishes to share. For mains we ordered the Hainanese Chicken Rice and the Combination Rice Noodles.

For drinks, we had the black jelly drink. A refreshing choice for a hot summer's day!

Verdict: it is a rather average restaurant. The waiter is obviously not of Malaysian origin as he struggled to understand what we were ordering. That was a little disappointing for us. He also struggled to understand when we ordered 2 of the black jelly drink. This confusion became obvious when only one of the drinks appeared. But he eventually got it!


The chilli relish that was served with the Lobak was not of the right type. It was the chilli relish meant typically for the Hainanese Chicken Rice. So even though the Lobak itself was not too bad in flavours, the chilli did not sit well with that dish and ultimately brought the dish down just a teensy bit.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

The Hainanese Chicken Rice was quite nice. I did like the texture of the chicken. There was a surprisingly sweet flavour in the light sauce the chicken was served in. We think it was kecap manis that was thrown into the sauce. Typically that is not what is added to the Malaysian version of the Hainanese Chicken Rice so CW and I definitely did not take to the sweet flavour but tolerated it.

Combination Rice Noodles

The rice noodles was cooked quite well but could have done with a few more minutes of caramelising the noodles and a teensy bit more soya sauce in the egg sauce would have lifted the flavours even more.

I am beginning to sound just a tad pedantic in my review of this restaurant. But as a native of Malaysia, there are certain flavours that we expect from traditional dishes.

But would I return to this restaurant in the future? I would do so but only to try out the other dishes on the menu. As mentioned before, it is rather average but not enough to put me off from trying it out again. On top of that, the prices were very reasonable. Our total bill was approx. AUD34. Not too bad eh?!

Address: 760 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
Website: http://www.petalingst.com.au/

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Charmaine said...

I can't believe we posted within minutes of each other. Similar comments in my blog too. Average but will return to try other dishes. When shall we go again?

Kin Yuen said...

Haha, when can I join you both?