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Monday, 2 January 2012

A picnic at Centennial Park

It was a glorious day in Sydney. It has been really wet and gloomy for most of the month of December 2011 so it did not feel like summer.

But 2012 has started with absolutely glorious weather and this was cemented today. I visited my friends BR and TR at their home in Maroubra. BR decided we should have our lunch as a picnic at Centennial Park. What a lovely suggestion it turned out to be!

To be honest, I have not been to Centennial Park before. I have driven in the surrounding area many times but have not been in the park itself. So I was looking forward to visiting this Sydney icon. The park is reminiscent of Central Park in New York City. Imagine all the green right in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Sydney city. Note: I can't get over how many cyclists there are in the park.

One of the many ponds in the park

We found a lovely spot to park our chairs, blanket, food and ourselves. Their dog, Archie, came along and was happily running around the park chasing his squeaky ball. There were other families sitting around in the shade having lunch, some were playing cricket, others were just relaxing and bonding with their families.

Archie was very popular with the kids. He is such a gentle dog but his physical size can be intimidating to the little ones.

Archie sitting in the shade
 So in the breezy shade, we had nibbles, drank and had a lovely BBQ of chicken and salad. Along the way, we chatted and had a good catch up with each other. What a lovely and relaxing way to spend a lazy afternoon on a public holiday in Sydney. By the way, the chicken was delicious. BR had marinated the meat with garlic, ginger, soya sauce and honey. TR barbecued them perfectly.

After our picnic, we headed back to Maroubra and walked down to the shops at the beach. The whole area was full of people. We had a mango smoothie and had a short walk down the promenade. There were so many people on the beach. Not surprising as it was as high as 30 degrees today. The water looked so inviting.

I was happy to have 'trekked' to Maroubra. It was good to see my dear and good friends and to spend a lovely afternoon with them. Thank you BR and TR for spending the day with me. I had a great time!

For anyone reading this post, I hope you had a good day too!

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Charmaine said...

It looks like Maroubra was as packed as Freshwater. We went for a few hours today. The water was cool and refreshing.