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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Three Blue Ducks (Bronte, Sydney)

My regular readers must be so over me constantly saying 'this is another place I have been wanting to dine at'. It would seem my list is endless and forever changing to add more and more. But it is the truth so I do apologise to those who do read my blog regularly that I will constantly be saying lines like 'I have been wanting to check it out since it opened'. :)

Three Blue Ducks has been on my list for at least over a year now. There was an attempt to dine there last year with a friend of mine but those plans fell through and this time it all worked out!

It was a Saturday night and I elected for the 6.00 pm seating which meant we would have to leave around 8.15 for the next round of diners. Understandably so as it is a small restaurant and a very popular one at that!

I was so excited be to finally be here and I liked the cool vibe. There were some interesting pieces of mural art on the walls and some antique artefacts hanging on one of the walls. And I do like the corridor of sunshine with plants hanging off the walls! The bar area is located on one side of this corridor and the main restaurant is located on the other side.

We were seated in the bar section and the guys serving us were very friendly. I had a mocktail and CM and JM had cocktails.

We decided to share some small plates and ordered a few mains with the idea of sharing some of the mains too.

We started with:

Chicken liver parfait with Iggy's bread (from the bar menu) - a rustic looking parfait but so so delicious! It was smooth and creamy and quite addictive actually. The bread was beautiful, it had the texture and feel of a mini damper. This was JM's first taste of chicken liver parfait and I think he is now a fan!

Mussels and pipis with chilli and lemongrass - seriously YUM! The chilli and lemongrass sauce should be bottled and sold commercially. It was that good!!

Corn, chawanmushi and crab - I asked for this dish because I was wanted to try chawanmushi and I can't say no to crab. It was a lovely dish, light, summery with beautiful textures of the silky chawanmushi. Delicious!

Beetroot salad with parsley and dates - a fresh looking salad with lovely slivers of beetroot. And on top of that we had a side dish of roasted carrots.

And for mains, we had 2 serves of the Egg hopper, caramelised eggplant curry, yoghurt and Sambal. Mmmm..mmmm. A burst of flavours mingled as I savoured the dish.. there was sweet, savoury and a slight tang from the yoghurt. I found out that the curry had toppings of chilli powder, coriander, eschalot and green onion. Another delicious dish.

JM had the Beef short ribs with burnt onion. The beef was beautifully cooked, the portion I had was really tender.

For desserts, we had:

Carrots, chocolate and lemon myrtle ice cream. I chose this dish because I was curious to see how a whole carrot could fit into a sweet dish. The dish actually consisted of carrot cake, chocolate ganache, roast carrots together with the ice cream. It was surprisingly delicious and I didn't have any issue eating roasted carrots in a sweet dish. It worked!

Strawberries, yuzu curd, salted meringue and goats milk - I thought it looked so much like an Eton Mess. The M's loved it. It turned out that JM's favourite dessert is the Eton Mess so he was very happy.

It was a delightful evening. Every dish we had was delicious; the dishes had enough complexity to make them interesting, and full of flavour. There wasn't anything boring about Three Blue Ducks and the service was great. It was a laid back and rather dude like atmosphere in the bar area. Jesse who served us was such a nice and friendly young man.

Three Blue Ducks on Urbanspoon
Three Blue Ducks
141-143 Macpherson Street
NSW 2024
Website: www.threeblueducks.com

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Have heard so many good thing about this place but still haven't been! Am a huge fan of chicken liver parfait and I love Iggy's bread. The chawanmushi sounds lovely too!

chocolatesuze said...

those desserts look spectacular!

missklicious said...

What a great spot! The food looks fantastic too, especially the corn, chawanmushi and crab + desserts!

Cindy said...

Hi Helen, hope you get to check this place out one day. Look forward to your future review of it! :)

Hi Suze, oh yes, the desserts were pretty good! :)

Hi missklicious, thanks for visiting! I must say I was suitably impressed with all the dishes we ordered! :)

Amy zhong said...

ive been wanting to visit this place for the longest time too!

Cindy said...

Hi Amy, thanks for visiting! Hmmm...I know the feeling! Hope you get to visit it soon! :)

CM said...

What a fabulous meal! You've done so well with the photos. I can't believe how clear they all are considering the mood lighting. Thanks for a wonderful night, and looking at the Egg Hopper again it's making me hungry!!

Neil Chung said...

Great place and a great read hey? I'm thinking of going there for an event. Wondering how much you would spend per person there with and without drinks and with a fairly average stomach capacity. Much thanks.

Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

Hi Neil, thanks for visiting and for leaving your comments.
I think the best way for you to assess costs with or without drinks is to visit their website. It has their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus plus the drinks menu. All these are downloadable as PDFs. You should be able to assess average spend per person in this way. Good luck! :)